Sunday, February 15, 2015

week 8 ( 2 months) Day after Valentines...

Hello everyone, what a "Love" filled week it has been! OH MY GULAY!! (Vegetables)
I don't even know where to being, I want you thank my mother for the very special Valentine's Day package! did i cry? Is that a question? Of course i cried! i cried like a new born baby! Thank you all that were involved in that, seriously the best Valentine's Day i have ever had. I Felt The Love!
So Tomorrow I am turning 2 months old. that's kind of crazy right? feels like yesterday i was standing at that airport thinking that i should just turn around, get in the car, and ride home with my family. 
These have been the best two months of my life. How cliche does that sound? It really has though, i can't explain why but whoa.. The mission is truly amazing. It's also been the hardest thing i have ever done. Somehow i can still manage to make it through the day with an eternal smile on my face. 

(1 Nephi 3:7)
My testimony of this scripture boosted to lvl 1000 this week. I may have mentioned in past letters about the Valdez family. I know i sent a picture with them. Eddie Valdez, (The Father) is the perfect investigator. This man is literally one of the elect spirits. I can feel it every time i'm around him. He listens to our message and then he acts on it. His testimony of this gospel is most likely bigger than mine! and i love it! He has an issue though, he has a second family, he lives with this second family, and he isn't married to the woman (Gina) he is living with, they have a 14 year old daughter (Kila). He wants to be baptized so badly, but obviously there is an issue. Getting a divorce in the Philippines is almost impossible especially when you have a crazy ex-wife who doesn't want a divorce. So he is willing to get married to Gina, but conditions just don't make it possible. 
So we brought this concern to our mission President, our prayers as missionaries and the prayers of Brother Valdez had been answered! Since Philippine law is really difficult about divorce, he said "If he has been faithful to the girl he is living with for five years, and has lived with her for 5 years, and is faithful to any obligations he has to the other family. The church has made an exception for the philippines that he can be BAPTIZED!!!!"
Baptism is a commandment from our father in heaven and i know that he prepared a way for this man and his family to be baptized.  
"I love being a missionary" i write this every night in my journal. and i firmly believe it. I love and miss you all.
-Elder Naylor

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  1. this boy always helps me to be better each day whenever i read his mission story...