Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 27... Let it rain!

Craziness is a good word for the week! 
I want to start by talking about a guy that we met earlier in the week I don't remember his name but i will never forget the guy. We sat down to talk to him and he brought out his bible, this bible was smaller than the palm of your hand! it was one of the coolest things i have seen, so i thought that was strange but then things just kept on getting stranger! We tried our best to refer everything to the restored gospel but he kept on making weird comments like "since Jesus Christ was born, Satan has a son that was born on earth too" When i heard that i thought that, that would make a really cool movie! He went on saying that he sees dead people all the time and he described them in detail saying that they were grey and sad and yada yada, the best part was this. He all of a sudden got really serious and said "Elders can you tell me who has the power to make their hands heat up at will" I was so caught off guard by the question i just looked at my hands and I just said "Brother that is an inspired question, maybe a magician or a Firebender or in reality no body" He was conviced that he had this very power. He was a very kind man. and thus we see what comes to pass when man is left to his own understanding. When my companion and I left his house i just turned to my companion and asked "what just happened?" he said "I have no idea" 

On Tuesday I went on exchanges with one of the Zone Leaders in Tarlac. It was sweet! It rained like i have never seen it rain before! it rained so much that all the poop water came up from the sewers and flooded the streets it was FANTASTIC!! my leather shoes totally got destroyed but nothing that a little shoe shine couldn't fix! have i
mentioned that i am addicted to shining not only my shoes but my companions shoes every morning! I may not be able to speak and teach very well but i sure can shine a shoe! 

On Friday I went on exchanges with our District Leader Elder Mitchell here in victoria for a baptismal Interview! haha I love this man! two Americans is a fantastic combination! we talked to almost everyone we saw and they would just be shocked by two very attractive americans speaking tagalog! hah it was the best! 

We were fortunate enough to have two of our Investigators be baptized this saturday! Ethan and Jennifer! two of the most amazing people i have ever met! 

I'm loving life here in Victoria I never ever want to leave! Many of you may know but I am a total Nester! i like to stay in the same place and I'm not too super enthused about change! but all will be well! i'm 98% sure i will be transfered this upcoming transfer on July 16 AHHH!! ayaw ko! 

I love and miss you all! i love the work and i don't think i'm coming back home! Pray always, Read always, Church always! that will ensure that all will be well!
Take Care
My Journal
Goal for the week is to ride a pig....

Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 26... He's so far away but sometimes so close...

No time to email today everybody! 
I love you all! 
The pictures will describe everything that happened this week! haha
We had a baptism for Maui Grace Angelica O Mallari! She is absolutely fantastic!

I got to see Elder Choresca! which was brillient!
I got to embrace My MTC companion Elder Fletcher! it was glorious!
and I got to hang with another JOE! nothing better than Joe's!!!

I Love you all!

(This is a clip of my email to Adrian this week.  And then a little clip from his personal email to me.....)

Here is my spiritual experience for you for this week... Last sunday dad was going to give Blair a blessing for the baby.  And he asked me to pray about it and about the family meeting we were going to have.  Anyway I was on my way to clean the fabric shop and I stopped at the trash as I was leaving the cabin. The radio was playing in the truck, Sounds for Sunday.  I turned off the radio and offered a little prayer for Blair and the baby. I thought that I would leave the radio off just to try and feel the spirit. So as I was doing that I felt like I should turn the radio back on. So I did and  playing on the radio was the song, ALL IS WELL, ALL IS WELL.  Yep I was touched....

Geez i was freaking out about blair and her baby! ever since i've been out here i just had a bad feeling like something was going to go wrong and i wasn't going to be there for it! but like you I was praying for her as well and weird enough! i ran into that song a lot this week! All is Well! 

He's so far away but sometimes so close.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Week 25... Highs and Lows...

Hello Hello! 
Yes I am fine and alive! I'm sorry for the little scare with the MRC thingy! haha yeah my bum has problems but all is well! I'm back in Victoria kickin and screamin! as in working hard... 

Alot has happened this week! from catching an investigator drinking to watching an investigator be baptized! 
Missions are awesome! 
Those two instences explain the mission perfectly! 
The Highest of Highs and the Lowest of Lows. 
Usually i feel like i'm always experiencing more Highs than lows! 

Elder Obligacion and I got up this morning and cleared out the forest of weeds that we had surrounding our

home! For all you moms out there, this was the definition of weeding! You know it's bad when you have to use swords to get the job done! 

Y'all would be proud of me, I'm preparing to sing in the upcoming Mission Tour this Friday! haha a ton of missionaries will be there, the President and his wife, and the Area President of the Philippines.. Yeah nerves are flying! This is just a little bit of a bigger deal than singing in sacrament meeting! but i'm excited! 

We had a baptism occur this week and we had a baptism fall through this week.. sweet and sour! The baptism
was for Rommel Gambala! this kid... haha i could say a lot about this kid because he is just so stinkin funny! he totally doesn't have a clue about life but he knew he had to be baptized! 
The baptism that Fell through was nanay Presila, She's a 70 year old woman that has a powerful testimony and wants to be baptized so bad! buuuutt her husband is absolutely crackers!! and he doesn't want her to be baptized! "Why you gotta be so rude!! don't you know she's human too!" 

I've killed over a million ants this week in our kitchen. My pesticide is a Lit Candle and Alcohol Spray! yeah I'm a pyro! I lit them all up! but they keep on coming. I'm afraid i will wake up one evening and they will be eating me to revenge the death of their brethren. 

Anyway i'm totally just giving you random facts about my week! It was a good one! i wish i could give it all to you! 
The church is true! and I love it! 
Good night to all and to all a good night!

Also we built a house this week! 
If you look closely it looks as if i peed my pantz..
that's because i did..
haha joke
No that's just sweat! 
Never thought that i could sweat so much down there! 
Nothing better than getting damp with sweat! 
Love Adrian

Week 24... Hospital/Vacation????

Raymond was so nice to inform us that Adrian was at the MRC by the MTC ...

I love you guys! 
Sorry no letter this week Have a fantastic week!

I'm in the Hospital but everything is GREAT! 
Trust me this is like a vacation!
Love you all!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 23... Transfers will he go or stay...

Hello hello! 
The Church is still true!
Transfers are on the Horizon, I will know if i will be leaving Victoria on Wednesday, This i absolutely 100% do not want. I have been pleading with the Good Man Above day and night to find it in his heart to leave me where I am. Victoria is my home, These people are my family, and if i leave i just don't know if they will be ok.. haha joke i don't know if i will be ok. But I will go and do as the Lord Commands!

It is mind boggling for me the abundance of miracles that takes place when you are in the service of your Lord. This week a fantastic young woman of 16 years old named Marjorie Marillo Cureg was baptized! She is one of
the strongest girls i have ever met. she knows this church is true. Yesterday after church Marjorie ate with us at a members house. She asked me a question that has left me dumbstruck ever since she asked it. First off i want to explain something. We as missionaries are told to ask Inspired Questions to the people we come in contact with and teach. Questions that make you ponder and really think deep. The question that she asked me was a definite Inspired Question a question that made me think so deep that i am still digging for an answer. She asked me
"Elder Naylor, What was the happiest moment in your life?" I thought, ok just give me a minute and i'll think about it. I thought about it, and thought about it some more. Nothing.... I then asked her to explain to me her happiest moment. She gave me an amazing answer. She said that it was the first time that she stepped foot into the chapel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She explained to me that she had a feeling of comfort and peace, as if she was "Home" She then explained to me a dream that she had when she was a little girl that she had been standing outside of the doors of a building that looked exactly like one of our chapels and that she badly wanted to enter while in the dream. 
I Testify that this church is our home. our Refuge for Peace, Comfort, and Happiness. While searching my mind for an answer to her question i found that the happiest moments in my life where when i was "Choosing the Right" When i knew that what i was doing was good in the sight of God. I have a bounty of happy moments in my life, too many to count, The most significant ones are the ones that have brought me one step closer to my father in heaven. 

Also on the note of Marjorie, we threw a surprise birthday party for her on Wednesday! She gloomly told me a few weeks ago that she wasn't going to havea birthday party so i decided to give her what i have wanted my whole life "Wink Wink" SURPRISE!!! she nearly had a heart attack but it truly was incredible. With the help of the Ward it was a huge success! 

I love being a missionary.. Simply put! I know what i am doing is right and these are the happiest moments of my life! Thank you for all of your love and support! 

Peace, Love, Save the Whales!
Turkey Heaven...