Sunday, June 14, 2015

Week 25... Highs and Lows...

Hello Hello! 
Yes I am fine and alive! I'm sorry for the little scare with the MRC thingy! haha yeah my bum has problems but all is well! I'm back in Victoria kickin and screamin! as in working hard... 

Alot has happened this week! from catching an investigator drinking to watching an investigator be baptized! 
Missions are awesome! 
Those two instences explain the mission perfectly! 
The Highest of Highs and the Lowest of Lows. 
Usually i feel like i'm always experiencing more Highs than lows! 

Elder Obligacion and I got up this morning and cleared out the forest of weeds that we had surrounding our

home! For all you moms out there, this was the definition of weeding! You know it's bad when you have to use swords to get the job done! 

Y'all would be proud of me, I'm preparing to sing in the upcoming Mission Tour this Friday! haha a ton of missionaries will be there, the President and his wife, and the Area President of the Philippines.. Yeah nerves are flying! This is just a little bit of a bigger deal than singing in sacrament meeting! but i'm excited! 

We had a baptism occur this week and we had a baptism fall through this week.. sweet and sour! The baptism
was for Rommel Gambala! this kid... haha i could say a lot about this kid because he is just so stinkin funny! he totally doesn't have a clue about life but he knew he had to be baptized! 
The baptism that Fell through was nanay Presila, She's a 70 year old woman that has a powerful testimony and wants to be baptized so bad! buuuutt her husband is absolutely crackers!! and he doesn't want her to be baptized! "Why you gotta be so rude!! don't you know she's human too!" 

I've killed over a million ants this week in our kitchen. My pesticide is a Lit Candle and Alcohol Spray! yeah I'm a pyro! I lit them all up! but they keep on coming. I'm afraid i will wake up one evening and they will be eating me to revenge the death of their brethren. 

Anyway i'm totally just giving you random facts about my week! It was a good one! i wish i could give it all to you! 
The church is true! and I love it! 
Good night to all and to all a good night!

Also we built a house this week! 
If you look closely it looks as if i peed my pantz..
that's because i did..
haha joke
No that's just sweat! 
Never thought that i could sweat so much down there! 
Nothing better than getting damp with sweat! 
Love Adrian

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