Sunday, July 17, 2016

Week 64.... Easters on it way!

 Easter is on its way!
March 20, 2016
oh gosh i totally miss chilling on that couch!! haha mom i am totally sitting at this computer with my legs crossed the way that you think that men should not cross their legs. haha like Brad. I'm hooked i can't cross my legs any other way! 
sounds like crew and i are going be real good buddies when i get home! \
I got the easter package!! i decided to open it because i might be transfered before easter so i didn't want to pack that big package all around the mission if i am to be transfered. 
I was in the office and in the office there is like a "thankful board" and i was looking at it and I saw your name! it said 'I'm thankful for becky - Elder Ordejan" haha i was just laughing so hard! My mom is so awesome.
The easter package was so awesome! my companion and i are totally treated out! we both think we are going to get cavitites! i pretty much am labled as the most spoiled missionary in the mission. They are all jealous of my mom! 
Everything is good with me mom.
momma i gotta role! i actually need to go clean my house too. you would be so proud of your son. I took out all the screens of our house and hand brushed them and i waxed all the tiles in the house.. it kicked my butt! but it looks soo goooood!!
i'm thankful for a mom that cleaned so good all the time! I think i am the only missionary that knows how to wash dishes i swear.. but i love you mom! kiss my siblings for me

Week 63... Go potatoes...

March 14, 2016
Me and another kid from Idaho.. go potatoes!! 

Week 62....Green day!

March 6, 2016
Mom i got the green day package!! hahaha and i got the card too!!
 Everyone one in the our family helped to make ties and letters for Adrian for St. Patricks day! Everyone has been really great helping me with all these crazy ideas! No boring packages for Elder Naylor!
i forgot to tell you last week! I'm jealous! i always wanted to spend the night at stefans apartment i don't know why he never let me! lame! i got nothing new either! some of our investigators have been seeing jesus in visions that's cool i guess. Thank you for the package! haha i lost my patience and just opened it... I love ya mom!

Week 61....Just a pic and a smile

My Dream of Adrian
So of course Brad and I were talking about dreams before we went to sleep last night and I was asking him what he thought dreams really were! Anyway so I dreamed about you I was told to come into this room and the room was full of lots of people like a big auditorium. And someone was giving a talk in a different language I couldn't understand what was being said nor could I see the person speaking.  But I could feel how the person was feeling and how sincere the words they were speaking were. It finally came to me the speaker was you speaking in Tagalog. I never saw you just heard you. So the rest of the night in my dreams I was looking for you. Crazy!

February 28, 2016
haha that's a cool dream! i had a dream last night that my friends Baylee Wamsley and Cristal Griffeth died last night.. woke up all depressed and stuff! haha so you don't understand tagalog huh?? don't worry me neither! it's a nasty language! but super cool too! anyway mom i don't have naytime to email today because my comp is witing for me to get off the computer so we can go! but i love you! I'm glad you guyus miss me! i miss you too!

 i love this work so so so s os oso sosos much! and i love you mom! thank you for everything! i'm glad nelson got the letter! did he try the mik mik? Inline image 1
The brilliant man standing behind me is President Russel M. Nelson! I'm shaking hands with his wife in this picture! oh yeah and that's Elder Larson two elders behind me!  ahh a memory i will never forget!
We had a great week this week!
Sister Elstelita Almyda was baptized and it was the absolute most beautiful baptism i have ever attended. the best part was when she gave her testimony haha so they usually bare their testimonies after they are baptised and dressed and stuff but we decided to surprise her so she had to just give it on the spot with no notice. She tore the house down with her fiery testimony! if only i could explain it and put it to words. after she bore it and sat down next to me she kept on hitting me in the back saying "why didn't you tell me i had to talk?" she is so funny!
Family and Friends... This is the work of the Lord.. what a blessing it is to be but a small part of such a wonderous and marvelous work. 

Week 61....Just a pic and a smile

Week 61....Just a pic and a smile

Week 60.... Gold

February 21, 2016I would be a fool if i didn't share with you some of the thoughts and feelings that I have had experienced this week. First I apologize I haven't been a very good emailer in the past like 8 months. 
This last Tuesday, Febuary 16th 2016 we were payed with a visit from President Russel M Nelson, the President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. To say I was excited would be an understatement. I was totally and completely edified. Shaking his hand and looking into those awesome blues eyes will be an experience that i will never forget. He even said my name and I quote "Elder Naylor, It's nice to meet you" geez i probably sound like a 12 year old girl who got to see a member of the One Direction band! but that's how i feel! haha i have a voice recorder and when i got close to shaking his hand I turned it on and put it in my pocket so i totally got him saying my name on recording and yeah i've played it over and over again.We were schooled by him and his wife Wendy (she's hilarious) Elder Bowen and his wife of the seventy. It was actually quite interesting i thought they would talk about missionary work and the elements of it and how we can improve but it turned out to be the completely different. They talked about Marriage.. A topic I personally I am very passionate about but an unexpected one. There were many things said but they just slammed on the importance of being married in the temple. So all you girls out there watch out.. because when this missionary comes home he is coming temple hungry!! haha
Family and Friends I am unbelievably happy and full of joy and love. I cannot put to words what an incredible experience and blessing serving the Lord has been for me. I've changed.. but more importantly I have witnessed the change of others. I see the hand of the lord almost as clearly as the brother of jared did. He is here and he lives.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Week 59...Pophart day

Missionary's got to have poptarts for Valentines Day!

February 14, 2016
Hey mom and dad! how's it goin? just got a couple of minute to email! i hope all is well with you two! everything is good with me! this week was SO GOOD!!! we worked our butts off and we had so many miracles. We had 9 investigators come to church and 3 of the less active families that we have been teaching come too! we have a baptism coming up on the 27 of FEB so stoked. she is a 57 year old lady who is so excited to get baptized! haha she told us last night "malapit na ang binyag ko" which means my baptism is getting close!! haha she has made so many changes in such a short amount of time. She gave up cigarettes the day we taught the word of wisdom just ahh so awesome! i love it! my companion and I are doing good! i love this guy so much! We are so excited for tomorrow to shake the hand of President Neilson! i don't feel worthy to shake his hand but i'm stoked! i'll try to get some pictures of the guy!! 
love you both! you were both in my dream last night and I woke up and was just like ahhhh!! mannn!! haha 10 more months!! haha have a good week!  
Got to ride in a car! With a seatbelt!

Week 58 ....... Two Idaho boys preaching the gospel!

Exchanges with Elder Larsen 

Two Preston Elders....
February 7, 2016
I love ya both! just a heads up I might not be emailing next week if i do it will be really short and sweet! love you guys! thanks for all the prayers and the love! 

Got to visit my old companion...

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Week 58.....Working too hard to take pics!

Don't tell nelson but i'm getting teary eyed.. goodness i miss that kid so much! Grandpa and Grandma look GREAT!!! dang i missed the one opportunity to talk to grandpa!! haha  You would be freaking out about taking pictures haha about pictures sorry i haven't sent any. We have been working to hard to take any pictures.. totally blows! but it's ight! my area is aweseome! My companion and I started with no body to teach but now we have like 15 people getting ready for baptism! it's flippin wild! I can barely catch my breath! 
Yeah a lot of people always talk about how they want to go to america... They always feel bad for themselves I just tell them Noo you don't want to go there, you have to wipe your butt with paper!! and there is no RICE! haha 
i think after this whole mission thing I might have a trick or two up my sleeve! the title "RM" just says to women KISS ME! Everything is good with me mom! i was able to go on exchanges with Elder Larson haha we stayed up until like 3 in the morning talking about preston, family, girls and everything else! ahh the next day was rough! but he is a super cool kid,
Everything is good mom! still loving life! oh i did yard work earlier.. you would be proud of me! haha love you mom have a great week!

January 31, 2016

Week 57.... Finding! ......January 25, 2016

Whoa that looks awesome!! yeah maybe just those 3 schools for now. So wilbur isn't thinkin about a mission? actually i prayed about that this week and in a dream the other night nelson came to me and told me that he wasn't going to go... It's his loss, but as long as he's happy!! ummm that's so funny about London! Want to here something funny? last week my companion and I were "finding" So what we do when we find is just talk to everyone about the gospel right. Go to random peoples houses and get to know them and stuff. And one tactic that my companion uses sometimes is that he will try to "find" certain people like he will use his dad's name or a name of his friend so kind of lying to try to talk to people. So i tried it and i used my own name so this is what I said "Good afternoon, could i ask a question? have you met anybody that goes by the name of Adrian that lives around here? and the guy said No but then his wife comes out and she's like "Yeah he lives right down the street" and the husband starts laughing and said "yeah i will take you to him" and I was just like CRAP!! no no no that's not the way it's supposed to work. And so while on the way to Adrian's house the guy said that Adrian was gay... I just slapped my face... So he took us to his house and we met Adrian Santiago, he came out in short shorts, long hair, lipstick and actually really looked like a girl but then he talked and he had a deeper voice than me... We talked to him for a minute and gave him a pamphlet and asked if we could come back another time to teach him and he said yes! so haha we may go back we may not who knows but i was thinking that would be pretty cool to convert a gay person.. cool conversion story so maybe we will. But yeah i will never use my own name to try to talk to people ever again.. worst idea ever!! I will just stick to the normal way of getting to know people with a Hi, Smile, and a wink! love ya mom!!  have an awesome week! oh where is nelson wanting to go to school? 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Week 56.... I'm the Maid!

January 17, 2016

yeah i'm going to write to both of you at the same time today is that alright? I read both of your emails thank you for them! love it! Everyone seems like they are doing good! Stefan and Nelson look like they are handicap haha as usual! just kidding! haha and dad what you said about the kids at church, here in the philippines everyone just lets their kids loose! they go and bang on the piano keys during sacrament and nobody cares haha! drives me nuts!! if it wasn't illegal i would spank the crap out of those children! umm all is well! My house is still super dirty.. well not super but still cleaning like crazy and i just keep finding more things that need to be cleaned. This morning i cleaned my fourth fridge in the mission! I cleaned the fridge in Victoria, Lupao, This area, and the fridge of my district mates.. you could say i'm a pro fridge cleaner! Got to love Lazy Elders who don't clean!! Work is good, We got rejected super hard this week from one of our new investigators and gosh it hurt really really bad! She came out of her house and said something a long the lines of "You are wasting your time with us, yada yada yada do you get what i'm saying?" haha that was the first time i have ever been rejected by somebody that i have taught before.. it was rough, i just thought to myself "gosh i feel bad for the missionaries in America who probably get rejected day in and day out!" I'm thankful to be serving where i am. This is the best place in the world other than Riverdale and the house next to Edwards Floral! My companion is awesome! haha he is really serious about the work but he is always having fun and keeping me laughing! Soooo about college! how does it work? If at all possible, would you two be able to see if i could get an application in for USU, BYU-I and Weber? and what we need to do in order for me to go to one of the places soon after my mission? I'm not thinking about it too heavely right now because my mission president told me not too but i just don't want to miss any applying dates or anything so yeah think about it. umm! i love you guys! i hope all is well! oh mom i got the turkey and ham sauce..... I put a little of the ham sauce on my finger not really knowing what it was and when i tasted it.. BOOM I instantly forgot my name... haha gosh it brought to memory every single thanksgiving i have ever had it was rough! Dad i don't know if i told you but i got your package too! I haven't been able to play the harmonica lately due to cleaning duties but i'll be working on that soon! Your boy loves you both and he has the best parents in the world! Hope all is well! talk to you next week.


Week 55..... New Life!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Week 54...Trainer

Seeing old companions at transfers.
 January 3, 2015

Mom i am currently serving in Zaragosa, Tarlac zone! I am in the same district as my first area!
So it may be possible for me to back there on exchanges or something! i'm so excited! my companion and I are opening up this area and i have no idea what i'm doing but we are happy!! my companion is super cool! he is an artist! like legit! he works for a gaming company and does art! so so so so so s o coool!
Umm yeah it was tough leaving lupao but i'm ok! happy pa din! ummm yeah i'm just going to make this one short mom because i got some other stuff to do but i love you! i'm happy that blair gets to get away from her kids for a while! love ya mom! 

Letter from the mission President

Philippines Angeles Mission "Where Only the Finest Serve!"
January 1, 2016
Elder Adrian Brandon Naylor
Dear Elder Naylor:
Congratulations on your appointment as a Missionary Trainer! It is wonderful to see the effort you have put into your own development so that you have qualified yourself for this very important position.
You will have many opportunities for Church service, but none will demand a greater example of worthiness, obedience, faithfulness, leadership, or love than training a new missionary. I earnestly pray that you will understand the magnitude of this stewardship.
Provide the needed example by following mission rules with exactness, read the handbook each week, study, pray and follow the daily schedule established in Preach My Gospel. Be diligent in adhering to the proselyting schedule and do all things necessary to provide a foundation of lifelong faithfulness for this new servant of the Lord. Live so that your strength and leadership will constantly be observed by all around you.
You are well aware of the need for your new companion to immerse himself in studying Preach My Gospel. Be faithful in helping this new missionary to study hard and complete the 12-week training course for new missionaries. In addition to the 12-week training course one of the most important things you can do as a trainer will be to teach your trainee how to follow the recommended Preach My Gospel schedule, including quality daily and weekly planning sessions, as well as effective personal and companion study. I urge you to hold a companion inventory regularly. Strive for open, thoughtful communication. Listen carefully to those things your companion wants to say--and perhaps is not able to say without your help and encouragement. Love and encourage love. Be diligent in these things and in your work, and you will be blessed beyond measure.
You are a fine missionary! I pray for your success and that of our new missionary in this new responsibility. Sincerely,
Scott B. Clark President

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Week 53 Gratitude

December 27, 2015 

    Your boy loves you both! Being able to speak with you both face to face was the best Christmas present I could ever ask for! you all look great! and I can tell you all really miss me.. who wouldn't? haha just kidding! but I miss you guys! too! we are on the down hill part of the two years! are you ready? I sure am! i'm going to give it my all this next year! it's such a short period of time that I can give to the guys that have given me everything! I love you mom and dad! you are the best parents any child could ask for. Take care of yourselves, I will see you soon!

Christmas day baptism of Rhoda and Joy
Harmonica hold up..

New nerdy bed sheets...

Week 52 Christmas day....

December 25, 2015

Packages did arrive...
Christmas with companions...


What a wonderful gift to get to share Christmas with our boy!