Sunday, July 17, 2016

Week 61....Just a pic and a smile

My Dream of Adrian
So of course Brad and I were talking about dreams before we went to sleep last night and I was asking him what he thought dreams really were! Anyway so I dreamed about you I was told to come into this room and the room was full of lots of people like a big auditorium. And someone was giving a talk in a different language I couldn't understand what was being said nor could I see the person speaking.  But I could feel how the person was feeling and how sincere the words they were speaking were. It finally came to me the speaker was you speaking in Tagalog. I never saw you just heard you. So the rest of the night in my dreams I was looking for you. Crazy!

February 28, 2016
haha that's a cool dream! i had a dream last night that my friends Baylee Wamsley and Cristal Griffeth died last night.. woke up all depressed and stuff! haha so you don't understand tagalog huh?? don't worry me neither! it's a nasty language! but super cool too! anyway mom i don't have naytime to email today because my comp is witing for me to get off the computer so we can go! but i love you! I'm glad you guyus miss me! i miss you too!

 i love this work so so so s os oso sosos much! and i love you mom! thank you for everything! i'm glad nelson got the letter! did he try the mik mik? Inline image 1
The brilliant man standing behind me is President Russel M. Nelson! I'm shaking hands with his wife in this picture! oh yeah and that's Elder Larson two elders behind me!  ahh a memory i will never forget!
We had a great week this week!
Sister Elstelita Almyda was baptized and it was the absolute most beautiful baptism i have ever attended. the best part was when she gave her testimony haha so they usually bare their testimonies after they are baptised and dressed and stuff but we decided to surprise her so she had to just give it on the spot with no notice. She tore the house down with her fiery testimony! if only i could explain it and put it to words. after she bore it and sat down next to me she kept on hitting me in the back saying "why didn't you tell me i had to talk?" she is so funny!
Family and Friends... This is the work of the Lord.. what a blessing it is to be but a small part of such a wonderous and marvelous work. 

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