Sunday, July 17, 2016

Week 64.... Easters on it way!

 Easter is on its way!
March 20, 2016
oh gosh i totally miss chilling on that couch!! haha mom i am totally sitting at this computer with my legs crossed the way that you think that men should not cross their legs. haha like Brad. I'm hooked i can't cross my legs any other way! 
sounds like crew and i are going be real good buddies when i get home! \
I got the easter package!! i decided to open it because i might be transfered before easter so i didn't want to pack that big package all around the mission if i am to be transfered. 
I was in the office and in the office there is like a "thankful board" and i was looking at it and I saw your name! it said 'I'm thankful for becky - Elder Ordejan" haha i was just laughing so hard! My mom is so awesome.
The easter package was so awesome! my companion and i are totally treated out! we both think we are going to get cavitites! i pretty much am labled as the most spoiled missionary in the mission. They are all jealous of my mom! 
Everything is good with me mom.
momma i gotta role! i actually need to go clean my house too. you would be so proud of your son. I took out all the screens of our house and hand brushed them and i waxed all the tiles in the house.. it kicked my butt! but it looks soo goooood!!
i'm thankful for a mom that cleaned so good all the time! I think i am the only missionary that knows how to wash dishes i swear.. but i love you mom! kiss my siblings for me

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