Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Week 56.... I'm the Maid!

January 17, 2016

yeah i'm going to write to both of you at the same time today is that alright? I read both of your emails thank you for them! love it! Everyone seems like they are doing good! Stefan and Nelson look like they are handicap haha as usual! just kidding! haha and dad what you said about the kids at church, here in the philippines everyone just lets their kids loose! they go and bang on the piano keys during sacrament and nobody cares haha! drives me nuts!! if it wasn't illegal i would spank the crap out of those children! umm all is well! My house is still super dirty.. well not super but still cleaning like crazy and i just keep finding more things that need to be cleaned. This morning i cleaned my fourth fridge in the mission! I cleaned the fridge in Victoria, Lupao, This area, and the fridge of my district mates.. you could say i'm a pro fridge cleaner! Got to love Lazy Elders who don't clean!! Work is good, We got rejected super hard this week from one of our new investigators and gosh it hurt really really bad! She came out of her house and said something a long the lines of "You are wasting your time with us, yada yada yada do you get what i'm saying?" haha that was the first time i have ever been rejected by somebody that i have taught before.. it was rough, i just thought to myself "gosh i feel bad for the missionaries in America who probably get rejected day in and day out!" I'm thankful to be serving where i am. This is the best place in the world other than Riverdale and the house next to Edwards Floral! My companion is awesome! haha he is really serious about the work but he is always having fun and keeping me laughing! Soooo about college! how does it work? If at all possible, would you two be able to see if i could get an application in for USU, BYU-I and Weber? and what we need to do in order for me to go to one of the places soon after my mission? I'm not thinking about it too heavely right now because my mission president told me not too but i just don't want to miss any applying dates or anything so yeah think about it. umm! i love you guys! i hope all is well! oh mom i got the turkey and ham sauce..... I put a little of the ham sauce on my finger not really knowing what it was and when i tasted it.. BOOM I instantly forgot my name... haha gosh it brought to memory every single thanksgiving i have ever had it was rough! Dad i don't know if i told you but i got your package too! I haven't been able to play the harmonica lately due to cleaning duties but i'll be working on that soon! Your boy loves you both and he has the best parents in the world! Hope all is well! talk to you next week.


Week 55..... New Life!