Sunday, December 13, 2015

Week 48...Gobble Gobble in the Philippines... Nov 2, 2015

Doing Thanksgiving the way it should be done. Rice!!
Hey mom!! no time to email today! but whoa.. first class?? do you think it would be possible to upgrade my flight home to first class??? that flight super duper sucks!! haha that's a good enough reason not to ever come home!! hah just kidding! but whoa you guys are spoiled! that trip looks awesome!! where is the next stop? Lupao Philippines?? haha everything is good mom! we had a baptism this week! Mary grace costales Almonte! she is awesome! so so awesome!

We also celebrated Thanksgiving even though they don't celebrate thanksgiving here in the philippines!
I called my district around lunch time and told them to be to our house at dinner time so we could party!
And party we did! we bought whole roasted chicken, roasted pork, rolls, cooked rice, those mashed potatoes you sent forever ago!! gosh we loved it! so much at least i did! anyway gotta go mom! your boy loves you! take care.

Some of the stuff in Adrian's fall package

Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 47... Busy Missionary

 November 22, 2015

I'm stoked for the packages I haven't gotten any yet!!! But maybe this week at conference. Mom your boy loves you and miss you!! I'm so happy you guys are doing good! I am sending you a voice recording so that you can get your dose of me! haha again no time to email. but i'll do better at preparing stuff for you! haha i gotta roll mom. 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Week 46...Discovering Nov 16


mom... yeah i stink at writing emails.. ehhhh it totally blows! I just have to do a bunch of reports and it just eats up my time not to mention the computers are really slow! But all is well mom!!! I'm so fetching happy! haha we went to some falls earlier today.  But ya mom all is well! haha your hawaii trip looked really fun! You and brad sure are spoiled! now rome! Freak why not the Philippines?!

Hair cut day!

 This weeks P-day...


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Week 45.. YEP THAT'S IT!

Adrian Naylor

Nov 9, 2015
Mom!! No time to email this week! Sorry! Please send the photos i send you to dad!! I love you so much!! And looking at all those photos oh gosh... I am super duper jealous! My goodness! W

e are going to Hawaii when i get back!!! haha love ya mom1!! love  ADE! 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Week 44.. Halloween Nov 1

Halloween Mission Style... Nov 1

No time to email this week! Sorry love you both! I'm doing great!! Loving life! Halloween was off the hizy!! haha Take care!! 
I love Halloween so I had to make sure our missionary had something to dress up in!

American growing zombies, just what every missionary needs!

We bought a cake for our investigators birthday!

Week 43... Aftermath Oct 25

I guess it's time for a check-up!

Baptism of Marites Marinas

We received a voice recording this week, Adrian was without power for over a week and 4 days without running water.

Week 42.. Typhoon Koppu... Oct 21

Typhoon Alert...

Good morning Angeles Mission Parents and Friends:

This morning Typhoon Koppu is pushing its way across the Angeles Mission. The storm came ashore at 1 a.m. local time near the city of Baler. This is the far eastern edge of Angeles Mission. The storm made landfall as a more powerful and intense typhoon than had been predicted.

Thankfully, we have prepared for a strong storm and as of 8:30 a.m. local time, all missionaries are accounted for and safe. Missionaries living along the eastern coast (Baler and Dingalan), were evacuated well ahead of the storm and will spend the next several days in cities safe from the storm surge.

Missionaries in the eastern portion of the mission are experiencing strong winds and moderate rainfall at this time. In the western half of the mission, winds are moderate as is rainfall. Forecasters predict winds to decrease and rainfall to intensify throughout today. The storm will weaken over land and as it turns to the north.

We are constantly monitoring weather forecasts and the situation with each missionary companionship. Our mission emergency preparedness plan is in place and each missionary has a copy of it. Approximately 20 typhoons pass through the Philippines each year so this is not an unexpected event.  Our missionaries live in homes constructed of concrete and/or brick.  They are good secure structures during a storm.

We already see the hand of the Lord in caring for our missionaries and moderating some of the possible several conditions that may come to the mission. Your prayers are being heard and very much appreciated.

The Philippines Area Presidency is closely involved with the five missions impacted by Typhoon Koppu. We are grateful for their concern and wise counsel.

We love our missionaries. They are obedient, faith-filled and safe.

Love,President and Sister Clark

Adrian Naylor

Oct 21

MOM!!! i'm still alive!!! hahah the TYPHOON WAS AWESOME!! HOLY POOP!!!
hahahahaha the most excitement that has ever happened in my life!!
had to move to the elders house in my district and stayed there for 2
days we did nothing but play monopoly and card games.. i'm getting
tired of winning!! hahaha the electricity is out we are here in the
big city of san jose with a short of time to email our family running
off of a generator! haha after the two days in San Isidro Me and my
district boys moved back to my house because there is no water in san
isidro to drink or shower so we came back to our house played some
more monopoly and more cards...!! i'm the bomb!! haha but move
everything is good we are still alive! just a couple of houses are
gone unfortunately ours still stands!! and you were so right! i stayed
by the window and watched the whole thing! it rocked!! but like i said
mom i have a very short time to email! please tell dad i love him and
i will email him next week! and everyone else! i love you mom! ohh!!!
for christmas!! i have an idea of what i want! I want a harmonica!!
like a legit one! I have no idea why i want one but it sounds so
sick!! and if you could put like a 'how to play' and if you can
somehow find the notes for the harmonica for the song "Its a wonderful
night for a moondance" You're the best mom!!! i lu lu lu lu lu luv
you!!! bye bye

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Week 41...The Philippines New District Leader and Senior Companion!

Sorry, no time to express all the craziness that went on this week! sorry for no email last week! i was bed bound with a nasty sickness but i well now! we had transfers I had to say goodbye to my awesome companion Elder Ordejan but i now have new companion that is just as awesome Elder Mahayahay!! He is super nice and he is actually tall!!! weird right!? but he's great!
I also was reunited with my trainer! ahh it was so great!!!

You never will believe it but I came in contact with two of Preston, Idaho's finest! Elder Larson and Elder Richards! i seriously almost had a heart attack when i saw them! i knew Elder Larson was here but Elder Richards was a complete surprise! he caught me off guard when he was in a crowd of new trainees and I hear my name "ELDER NAYLOR!" and i couldn't see who had called my name but then i finally spotted him! it took me a minute to actaully register who he was but when i realized i dropped everything and gave him a big fat hug! haha it was so sweett!
But yes everything is well! i'm still loving life! I have the wonderful opportunity to take my crack at being a District Leader this transfer! YAY!! haha my district is awesome so i'm super excited! anyway I gotta go! i love you all and i hope all is well!! God Bless
October 9, 2015
Philippines Angeles Mission "Where Only the Finest Serve!"

Elder Adrian Brandon Naylor Dear Elder Naylor:
Congratulations on your assignment to serve as a District Leader! This represents a significant accomplishment in your progress as a missionary, and I am proud of you and your efforts.
Your responsibilities as District Leader are substantial. Please carefully study the duties and responsibilities of a District Leader in the Missionary Handbook, pages 55-62. Read and ponder these carefully so the duties will become part of your mind and heart, thus enabling you to fulfill this stewardship in the most effective manner. As the Lord entrusts this stewardship to you, I urge you to fully recognize its significance.
You will now have the responsibility for the effectiveness and well-being of those missionaries assigned in your district. The most powerful factor in your success will be your ministering to others in harmony with the Savior’s teachings (Missionary Handbook, Pg. 57). This influence and your example will help other missionaries to excel in their work. Pray to the Lord every day to strengthen and guide you in fulfilling your assignment. Remember to love and show love to the missionaries in your district. When they know you love and care for them, they will be able to grow and progress more rapidly and more completely.
This experience can be of great value for your growth and development and will equip you to handle significant responsibilities in your career, your family, and in the Church. Apply yourself and make the most of it! It will provide great blessings in your life and in the lives of others.
I am informing your family of this accomplishment. I know they will be most pleased with your appointment as a District Leader. May the Lord bless you with continuing success in His work!
Scott B. Clark President 
Transfer day!