Sunday, December 13, 2015

Week 48...Gobble Gobble in the Philippines... Nov 2, 2015

Doing Thanksgiving the way it should be done. Rice!!
Hey mom!! no time to email today! but whoa.. first class?? do you think it would be possible to upgrade my flight home to first class??? that flight super duper sucks!! haha that's a good enough reason not to ever come home!! hah just kidding! but whoa you guys are spoiled! that trip looks awesome!! where is the next stop? Lupao Philippines?? haha everything is good mom! we had a baptism this week! Mary grace costales Almonte! she is awesome! so so awesome!

We also celebrated Thanksgiving even though they don't celebrate thanksgiving here in the philippines!
I called my district around lunch time and told them to be to our house at dinner time so we could party!
And party we did! we bought whole roasted chicken, roasted pork, rolls, cooked rice, those mashed potatoes you sent forever ago!! gosh we loved it! so much at least i did! anyway gotta go mom! your boy loves you! take care.

Some of the stuff in Adrian's fall package