Sunday, March 6, 2016

Week 57.... Finding! ......January 25, 2016

Whoa that looks awesome!! yeah maybe just those 3 schools for now. So wilbur isn't thinkin about a mission? actually i prayed about that this week and in a dream the other night nelson came to me and told me that he wasn't going to go... It's his loss, but as long as he's happy!! ummm that's so funny about London! Want to here something funny? last week my companion and I were "finding" So what we do when we find is just talk to everyone about the gospel right. Go to random peoples houses and get to know them and stuff. And one tactic that my companion uses sometimes is that he will try to "find" certain people like he will use his dad's name or a name of his friend so kind of lying to try to talk to people. So i tried it and i used my own name so this is what I said "Good afternoon, could i ask a question? have you met anybody that goes by the name of Adrian that lives around here? and the guy said No but then his wife comes out and she's like "Yeah he lives right down the street" and the husband starts laughing and said "yeah i will take you to him" and I was just like CRAP!! no no no that's not the way it's supposed to work. And so while on the way to Adrian's house the guy said that Adrian was gay... I just slapped my face... So he took us to his house and we met Adrian Santiago, he came out in short shorts, long hair, lipstick and actually really looked like a girl but then he talked and he had a deeper voice than me... We talked to him for a minute and gave him a pamphlet and asked if we could come back another time to teach him and he said yes! so haha we may go back we may not who knows but i was thinking that would be pretty cool to convert a gay person.. cool conversion story so maybe we will. But yeah i will never use my own name to try to talk to people ever again.. worst idea ever!! I will just stick to the normal way of getting to know people with a Hi, Smile, and a wink! love ya mom!!  have an awesome week! oh where is nelson wanting to go to school? 

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