Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 26... He's so far away but sometimes so close...

No time to email today everybody! 
I love you all! 
The pictures will describe everything that happened this week! haha
We had a baptism for Maui Grace Angelica O Mallari! She is absolutely fantastic!

I got to see Elder Choresca! which was brillient!
I got to embrace My MTC companion Elder Fletcher! it was glorious!
and I got to hang with another JOE! nothing better than Joe's!!!

I Love you all!

(This is a clip of my email to Adrian this week.  And then a little clip from his personal email to me.....)

Here is my spiritual experience for you for this week... Last sunday dad was going to give Blair a blessing for the baby.  And he asked me to pray about it and about the family meeting we were going to have.  Anyway I was on my way to clean the fabric shop and I stopped at the trash as I was leaving the cabin. The radio was playing in the truck, Sounds for Sunday.  I turned off the radio and offered a little prayer for Blair and the baby. I thought that I would leave the radio off just to try and feel the spirit. So as I was doing that I felt like I should turn the radio back on. So I did and  playing on the radio was the song, ALL IS WELL, ALL IS WELL.  Yep I was touched....

Geez i was freaking out about blair and her baby! ever since i've been out here i just had a bad feeling like something was going to go wrong and i wasn't going to be there for it! but like you I was praying for her as well and weird enough! i ran into that song a lot this week! All is Well! 

He's so far away but sometimes so close.

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