Wednesday, February 4, 2015

WEEK 1 - MTC Christmas..... December 26, 2014

1st Week
.... Day after Christmas!

Mom I don't really have a way to send pictures right now, one of the elders may lend me one of their cords! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Merry FRiggin Christmas!!! After we got off the phone yesterday it was a rough rest of the day! I really was missing home! I opened all my presents! thank you thank you thank you, all the boys in my room are extremely jealous of watch! super dope! and mom I think the best gift of all was the book! I was in tears! but tears of joy! Mom that last thing you put in the book about Grandpa's plant... holy cow! the spirit hit me. It was insane! I cried for probably 5 minutes straight it was so awesome!! Mom This is going to be hard! I really wish I would've prepared more! I feel like I don't know the gospel well enough to even teach about it! but haha let me tell you about my companion! Elder Fletcher... He is the quietest person I have ever met! he is super nice but way  quiet! I get along with this guy his name is Elder Cox!! haha him and I have the exact same personalities it's kind of like when my brothers and I are together and we just talk about the most random crap on the planet and yell random stuff! it's awesome and makes it so much better!! it's gospel and language all day! I've definitely learned a ton while I've been here. like I said on the phone the SPIRIT is so strong here! I've never cried so much because of the spiritual feelings I felt in my whole life! My companion and I have been teaching an investigator named Carlo, TEACHING is AMAZING!!  If I have learned anything with the investigator stuff it is this. get to know the person before you shove gospel down there throat. We have to know what the gospel can do for that person and hit it where it counts! that way they can feel the spirit. I want to write more but I got a lot of emails to get to in a short time! I LOVE you so much!! thank you for everything! The mission is going to be amazing I just know it! I know that there are going to be difficult times but my brother Jesus Christ will be there right beside me the whole way! i'll send pics if I can get a cord! love you all!
Love, Elder Naylor

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