Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Day 1- Headed to the Philippines.... Dec 18, 2014

1st email after a very long plane ride. December 18 in American 19th in Philippines. 

Mother!!! ahhhh!! i freaking made it!! I feel like i have been awake for three days straight. the plane ride was very very long i highly recommend that you dont ever do it! but yes i have to make this quick, they are philippino nazis here!! Ok Mom i don't know how you are going to do this without my help but You or dad need to make a skype account! Now i can't give you a list of instructions because i really don't know how to either. But yes i get to call you on CHRISTMAS!! well it's chrimstas for me but christmas eve for you! i get to call for 30 minutes and it should be in the afternoon ish. so DECEMBER 24, afternoon "your time" I will skype the poo outta you! make sure all the family is there and yes Savy and sarah and Jen (; I love you guys so much! the MTC is beautiful! It really has been good so far! and I think it is going to get even better!! i'm rooming with some pretty chill, dudes! they are GREAT! lots and lots of shorty Philippinos haha i don't understand any of them! When i tell people where i am from they totally know where Preston is or have some family or some sore of connection! I love you all!! i don't have time to email everyone so tell everyone i love everyone, give them all a hug! Tell Sav i love her Goodbye goodbye! tell next time!! oh you have to give me the information of the skype account, VERY IMPORTANT!!
Love, Elder Naylor

Long awaited emai! Adrian's dad was a bundle of nerves. Finally he caved and called the MTC to see if Elder Naylor had made it.

P.S. A mother on the plane with these boys took this pic and sent it to us.

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