Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Week 4.. January 15, 2005

MOMMY!!! haha so sorry you have to spend your anniversary alone!! that blows if I was there I would have made you an egg sandwich!! I swear that Is all I think about egg sandwhiches and bacon.... briolang (just kidding) It's good to keep nelson on a tight leash! he is a wild animal! I'm glad tumbling is going good for him! where is he doing it at? the same place as Sav?  My teacher is seriously the coolest cat on the block! he has helped me a ton. Well what has happened this week... We all have the Hershey squirts.. again.. I was in the temple earlier today and I thought I was going to crap myself during the session. Luckily I made it! Mom we went proselyting this week, like out into the real world! I got paired up with an American senior companion his name is Elder Louis from Wyoming. Dopest, most chill dude I've ever been around. We hopped on a trike (taxi bike thing) then we got on a jeepney (Bus type thing)  haha the roof are really short on the jeepney's and when I got out I smacked my head on the top everyone was laughing at me. We went to one of his investigators houses it was a 9 year old girl. Mom ahhh the cutest thing on the planet! when I saw her look up at us my heart melted! we taught her about pre-earth life, she was just so cute and shy. she called on me to give the opening prayer, which I did ok at. I gave my testimony as well. (my tagalog is sobrang(very) rough!) so I couldn't understand most of the lesson but it still was amazing the spirit was strong and everything was great! we went to a couple more houses well I wouldn't even call them houses they remind me of buildings on shawn's farm. What surprised me was how lax it was. We were just two American's walking around just talking to people. At every turn there would be a guy with his shirt off with a Cig in his mouth yelling HEY JOE!! I don't know how to explain why they do that to American's but they do. Overall it was the best experience this week, we do it next week too, I hope it is as good as this last one. Mom I love you so much! I think about home often, I'm still dreaming about home every  single night. The language is coming... slowly. but I'm not worried about it. Lessons are getting easier to teach but they are still difficult. I simply love being a missionary, This beats waking up at 2 and being to stokes at 3 anyday! I love you mom give everyone hugs and kisses!
Elder Naylor
"That's your boy"

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