Friday, February 6, 2015

Week 6.... In Victoria February 1, 2015

My companion is next to me an other two are housemates

Adrian leaving the MTC - moms thoughts

So last night I went to bed and fell to sleep pretty quick.  But then found myself awake half the night wondering why I can't sleep when I was so tired.  So I think I was thinking about you and realizing you were leaving the MTC and moving into the unknown.  I know you are a nester and change isn't the easiest thing for you so I'm sure a big step out of your comfort zone. I prayed for you in the middle the night hoping all would be well. Your mom would sure like to be by your side helping you along the way, we all miss you very much!

My dear family and friends. I have landed and am hard at work. I am currently in an internet cafe sweating my face off! I am with my new companion Elder Choresca! He is awesome! Filipino and has an amazing story! HE's 25!! haha yeah i'm just a little boy who doesn't know how to take care of himself. 
I just want to tell you guys how incredible this is. My first area is Victoria, part of the Tarlac zone. My first day here we were hard at it. Walking and walking, trike ride after trike ride, teaching and teaching. I offer as much input as possible but it still is very slim. my second day here I actually went on an exchange with the zone leader because one of our investigators had to get interviewed for baptism!! We have 6 investigators with baptismal dates! how awesome is that! i'm so excited!! I want to tell you all so much but i don't think i have a lot of time, i don't know exactly how anything works here. but i am here and i am doing what my trainer commands. 

We are working with this little girl, i don't know what it is but i get super emotional about these little girls. her name is Katrina she is 9 years old and she is just so cute! we visit here daily and she just smiles and giggles. We are baptizing her in the middle of febuary i believe, as long as she doesn't drink any ice tea! They are strick about ice tea i probably drank ice tea right before i became a missionary and didn't think anything of it. During our lessons i always sneak an icebreaker to her she loves them! thank you mother for that package! the lifetime supply of icebreakers will be extremely useful out here! It gives me leverage, "if you get baptized, there are more icebreakers to be had" haha
This screams me doesn't it!

Everyone points and laughs at me because i am white. "HEY JOE" is what they say. I just look at who said it and I just say HEY!! as loud as i can. 

We went grocery shopping earlier today and i really need my mom! i had no idea what to get! but i think i did ok for my first time. 

Well everyone i am here and i am here to stay! I love you all and yeah
sa pangalan ni jesucristo, amen

This is the Valdez family non members but they came to church with us.
I really hope to see them baptized before I get transferred.

I asked while we 
were emailing about 
his apartment.....

apartment is good! there are definitely going to be some changes made by me but it is good! I think i am going to become the maid. it
's a good thing my mom taught me how to clean! there are lots of mosquitos, water pressure is like nothing, no toilet paper, you shower with a pale of water like you just dump it on your head, it's all cold water, no microwave, there are many cockroaches, and tones of big spiders but they eat the mosquitos! but i love it!! 

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