Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Week 3...January 8th 2015

Check out my name tag!
Mom!! haha I wish I could've seen nelson eat it! That kid's ego could take a beating every once in a while!! I miss him a lot! I've been thinking about my little bro a lot lately! We did a role play and I was the investigator and I pretended to be Nelson. by the time I was done I was crying and crying! I swear I am the biggest boob ever! I love a miss you all! this week was a little rough! I found myself getting discouraged a lot with the language, lessons. The language is slowly coming. it is brutally hard though, im starting to make some connections though so a little is making sense. My lesson's well those are actually the best and most stressful part of the day! our teachers let us use English but we are supposed to use as much tagalog as possible. So my companion and I are using probably 1/4 of the time using tagalog. I decided I didn't want to have serious lessons anymore. well obviously serious to a degree but have fun with them as well. So every lesson I have tried to come up with an activity to get the investigator more involved so we can be a little bit more loose and actually enjoy the 20 minutes that we are teaching. One activity was this. we did it with our investigator (Brother Ryan) he had a friend come to the lesson as well. we had been teaching Ryan about trusting Diyos with his problems really just with everything. So in the middle of the lesson I stopped and the idea came to me. (Trust Exercise) haha I had us all stand up we moved the coffee table out of the way and we did that trust fall thing where you close your eyes and you just fall back hoping that, that person will catch you. I caught Ryan and my companion caught his friend. They thought it was so funny we were laughing so hard that we were crying! it definitely brightened the moods not only for my companion and I but for the investigators as well! Another activity we have been trying to bring hymns to our lessons and incorporate them with the lesson. When we taught ryan about  Ang Plano ng Kaligtasan (The plan of salvation) we brought and sang I am a child of god with him! haha again so funny and so chill! with our other investigator Sister Faye she has been having a hard time remembering to pray so we brought the hymn Did you Think To Pray! haha again so funny and so chill! We teach so much better when the mood is light and happy.   Mother I am ok! The only hard part is the mornings and a little into the afternoon. The only time I really miss home is in the mornings. I kid you not I have had a dream every single night since I have been here about home.

 Tell all my cousins hi and that I love and miss them. Mom thank you for emailing me about everything, tell dad to stay off the sled so he doesn't get hurt, tell Alex and Cami congrats!! and JENNIFER QUIT!! O boy yeah in that case I really don't miss being home so I don't get the wrath of king brad!! haha I love mary! Thank you for getting me that stuff! I can't wait to be sporting my new bag!! I love you mom! Till we type again!
Elder Naylor
Temple day madness...
This is my dope teacher Brother Caling.

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