Wednesday, February 4, 2015

WEEK 2 - MTC NEWS (January 1, 2015)

Adrians companion and teacher

   MTC Food

Mother hello!!! ok answers to your questions I don't know about the bag, I have four weeks here so I guess you could try to send it here. ummm scriptures just type them in the email like example (Nephi 12: 3-4) then the tag name (missionary work) or something like that. yes I would like a card reader please! Ok so let me tell you about what's going on here! I really am enjoying myself, the days are long the mornings are pretty much the worse! but teaching investigators is amazing! even if they are fake investigators! I love it! I suck at it but I love it! I want to share with you one of my most spiritual experiences since I've been here. so Thursday night we had a practice teaching activity. We practiced on our companions, so Elder Taylor Fletcher (my kasama) was the investigator and I was the missionary. He told me about him and his life. Him and I are really alike. very weird. he's more shy than me if there is such a thing but he really is great. When I was teaching him it was so amazing! I've never felt the spirit so strong, even though it was a practice I was sobbing and sobbing and after we got done with it he told me that the spirit hit him like a truck and that everything that I said he needed to hear. so that made me super masaya (happy) and I can't wait till I can teach others that way gosh it will be amazing! This language is no bueno! it's so tuff for me! but it will come (I hope) hahah really funny story about new years! my freaking companion!! hahaha Another elder came into our room and gave us all haircuts and so we got to bed late like around 11:00 and I wake up to my companion and another elder walking into our room around 12:10 they said that they had been up on top of the roof watching fireworks!!!! the fireworks here were crazy!! just imagine 40 million people lighting off fireworks at the same time! It was like war! anyway The next morning the MTC president comes to us and he's like "the missionaries that went on top of the roof meet me in my office now" haha my companion and the other elder went, and the mtc president chewed them out, then I had to go in with my companion and the other elders and talk with the MTc President. The rules that he stated that were broken were these: my companion left out room past 10:00 and my companion wasn't with me. He told me that I was responsible for my companions actions even though I was asleep and unaware! so he took all of our missionary badges!! I felt like such a retard all day but he gave it back this morning! so cray cray! whats going on at home?? I love you!

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