Thursday, February 5, 2015

Week 5....January 22, 2015

Kamusta Po Kayo? 

Causing The Blind to See

So I've been wearing this name badge for little over a month now, hasn't time been flying? I swear I was emailing like yesterday! This week was like zoooom! I feel like I'm not even a missionary yet, because I am enjoying myself so much! Yeah things are hard, but it's a good hard. Kind of like touching a bruise, you know it hurts, but it feels good at the same time. 
Me and Elder Eppich
I have less than a week left here at the MTC, I'm so sad to be leaving my teachers and all my batch mates, but I am excited at the same time! We are the only MTC that does the proselyting activity, like I've told you before we went proselyting last week, we went this week too, to a different area! I got paired up with another American, Thank the Heavens! his name was Elder Simson from Las Vegas, he was a cool cat. We started off just by OYM'ing a couple people giving out pamphlets like mad men, then we went to a Less Active's house. The houses are still chicken coops but the people are more than human. The Natural Man that is talked about in Mosiah 3: 19 These people have overcome that man. They don't complain, they do everything with a smile on their face! they've done this all with meekness and lowliness of heart. These people ahh I have tears in my eyes! They are simply amazing! They are so accepting of our message, they are a perfect people in a very imperfect place. We walked into this Less Active's home, the first thing he does is crab us a drink of water, and they made these fried banana crepe looking things and gave them to us. He didn't know who we were, He just did it. It was sooo delicious! Could you imagine being so poor that you live in a tin building with dirt as your carpet, little or no food, but as soon as somebody that you don't know enters your home, that you just gather anything you can give them?  It touched my heart to it's core. We have no room to complain about anything in this life, somebody always has it worse than we do, we are so so so so blessed, we too often get blinded and can't see all the blessings we have. Take time everyday to reflect on your life and see the beauty of your life because it really is. If the Chicken Coop people can I know that we can. We taught this man about repentence, he understood our message and he is going to start coming back to church again. I bore my testimony and tried to give as much input as I could. The language is Sobrang (very) Hard, but I'm not worried it will come with time. We talked to a bunch of people on the street, only one person turned us down. I love it out there, and I cannot wait to get out their and give these people the fruit from the tree of life. I've been reading the New Testament, I decided that since our message is centered on Jesus Christ then I should probably learn something about him. I love it!  I've been pondering about all the healings that our savior performed and how symbolic they are. He healed all manner of illnesses, He healed the sick, caused the blind to see, caused the lame to walk, caused the dead to rise. How incredible! My thought process of these miracles is this: It's the faith that these people had in Christ that they were able to be healed. These miracles are still happening! through the faith in our Brother and Savior these things are still possible. This is my Mission Statement for the the Next two years.
Birthday Party

Heal The Sick
Cause the Blind to See
Cause the Lame to Walk
Cause the Dead to Rise

This is what I will push for everyday for the next two years and the rest of my life. I know that through Faith in Christ I will cause the Spiritually sick, Spiritually blind, Spiritually lame, and Spiritually dead to be healed. 
I love you all and I think of you on a daily basis. I love being a missionary.
-Elder Naylor

Me and my boy Raymond Caling

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