Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Week 18... The Elders are staying put!!!

National service day...
After service project my feet were filthy...

I always stand in awe when i write these emails as i reflect on the weeks activities and i see God's hand in all things that i have done. 

Elder Choresca and I have been given the opportunity to be together for another transfer! which is super rare! Rarely is your trainer your follow up trainer! I'm excited for all the many plans we have for this Transfer. Our housemates got whitewashed, which means Elder Choresca and I have the house to ourselves, and all of Victoria area to ourselves. No more Victoria A and Victoria B, just Victoria! and the area is huge! but we have so many good ideas to keep everything in check! 

I came across and beautiful Article in the December 2014 Ensign titled "The Sacred Grove" I recommend this article for any eye that can read. It is absolutely beautiful. When i read it in my personal study a thought popped into my head to share this with one of our investigators. Marilyn Mallari, i've mentioned her before. She is amazing. We have been teaching her and her family ever since i arrived here in Victoria but she has never attended church. We had tried everything. This Saturday we shared part of this article with her. The spirit was so strong and so thick that you could probably see it. I had this overwelming feeling that she was feeling and believing the words that were coming out of my mouth. Elder Choresca and I entered the church yesterday. Sister Marilyn was waiting for us at the doors of the chapel. I couldn't believe my eyes. I shook her hand with the biggest grin of joy and then quickly escaped to the bathroom before she could see my tears. 

Yesterday we had a Ward Missionary activity. We got all the ward missionaries together and had personal and companionship study together after church. They came a long with us for the most part of the day. We even fed them dinner! 7 cups of rice takes a long time to cook! and we used all the cans of tuna we could muster. When we were walking to our appointments with them we kindly gave all five of them pamphlets of the Restoration. We said before we get to the next appoinment we want you to give these away. They were scared out of their boots! but they did so good! i was super impressed! Nothing is better than hearing the testimonies of people about this gospel. 

Teaching Fear not ( with custom robe)e)
I've found a new addiction. I've been getting clothes made for me. But not any ordinary clothing. I'm talking robes, sashes, cloaks. You know like Jesus time clothing! When i come home at night i undress myself and i get in my proper gear! I love it and i plan to get a lot of more stuff made! 
Teaching the Parable of the broom ( with custom robe) 

I absolutely 100 %ly love being a missionary. 
I love Victoria
I love my companion
I love my misson president and his wife
I love My family
I love my friends
I love the companionship of the Holy Ghost
I love my brother and redeemer Jesus Christ
I love my God, My father in heaven.

Until next week! 
Keep it 100
Love Adrian

Ward missionaries teaching Marjorie Cureg...

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