Thursday, April 16, 2015

Week 16... Everyone loves cookies!

My most dearest and beloved Friends and Family! 
Paradise is great if you are wondering, Halo Halo araw araw! 
I wish i had some fantastic experiences to share about this week but I simply don't remember a ton. 
General Conference...
Yes i do, I'll give you a quick overview of the awesomeness that has been going on. We have a new Golden Fantastic new investigator, her name is Marjori i believe she is 17 years old, We began teaching her last monday. We were kind of torn whether or not to teach her because it was right in the middle of our P-Day and we wanted to take it easy and just rest a little bit but we where caught in the phrase "What would Jesus do" We buttoned up our shirts, tied our ties, Walked out of the apartment forgetting our pantz turned around put them on and with the spirit of the lord with us.  She sent us a text that evening thanking us for spending the time to teach her. She came to General conference with us this sunday as well! She's pretty much great!
 One of our Recent converts Jericho Gasilan is pretty much already a missionary.When we get done teaching him he usually assists us in teaching a family near his home. We gave him a part in the lesson and he went about teaching the entire lesson by himself! He's already a better missionary than i am and he has only been a member for a month! 
We teach this cute chubby little 8 year old girl every now and then and she just refuses to accept to be baptized it's always so funny when we teach her just because well she always laughs and crys and well chubby. but Cute chubby. Her name is Princess.
I have brought a new Luxury to the Philippines "NO BAKE COOKIES" I baked them myself a couple of weeks ago and I brought them to every investigator, Less Active, and Recent Convert that we teach. yes, I have appointments with all of them to return and teach them how to make them. We made a family home evening with the Ganapin family and they ate those cookies faster than fast. 

The main part i want to get to with this letter is the spiritual impressions that i have had about Family this week. As i listened to Conference I couldn't help but think "Family, Family, Family" That's all that was on my mind! We all know that Families are the most important thing that we have. Why do we not treat it that way? Do we sometimes forget that Child hymn "Families can be together forever" Family and Friends, Family is Everything. I am so guilty of taking for granted my family, I've realized the reality of the phrase "You don't know what you've got till it's gone" Take care of your families, nurture them with the Gospel and Love. HAVE FUN! "Families can be together forever" I know that but Only "Through Heavenly Father Plan" I know that this gospel is best applied within the family, If you feel that your family has struggles that are beyond repair you are wrong. Christ's Atonement reaches every aspect of needed repair, Especially in the Family. I know that God's plan of happiness for his children is real and is of vital importance for all of us. I know the center of this plan is Jesus Christ and his Atonement, And FAMILIES. Serve and love them with all your heart might mind and strength. I know that our redeemer lives and loves us. 
I love and miss you all dearly.

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