Wednesday, April 1, 2015

14 weeks... Prayer is real!

Good day ladies and gentlemen. 
Never has a week been so good in the history of my life. Every week seems to be that way. So so so many good things happen one after another it's almost unbelievable. Let me give you just a short run down of the highlights of my week.

I ripped my pantz! If any of you have seen spongebob squarepantz there is an episode where he rips his pantz and he shows it off to everyone. Well i did the same thing... I stretched into a tricycle and sure enough "riiiiiipppp" it was glorious! Never has a rip been so extravagant and exposing. Anyone we came in contact with that day i made sure they knew about my ripped pantz. Made things a lot more loose..

We had a baptism! Sister Hannah Manna Mallari! She is amazing! she is 16 years old and just a light. A light for me and for her family. She is a changed girl.. When i first met her she was a little cold and not super happy. As she began to change things little by little her light began to shine brighter. Now i know she will shine the way for her family so they can soon receive a bright light of their own.

Prayer is real... Early in the week we had a lesson with sister Wennie Ganapin, she is a less-active member but she returned this week! We taught about the importance of fasting and the miracles it can bring into our lives. Our focus with her is her family. We want the whole family sitting on those sacrament benches on Sunday, not just a few. The father is a drunk... this is what we have focused on a little is to get the father to give up drinking. we never teach him because he is always drunk. Our center of the fasting lesson was the father and how we could fast for him that he may soon give up drinking. My companion and I are willing to participate in the fast. Last night we taught sister and she explained to us that her prayer has been answered. Her husband for the first time had not drank any alcohol for three days straight, she came home from church and he had lunch already and prepared for their family. She said that he told his drinking buddies "We are too old for this" POW!!! Was i crying when she was explaining this to us? Ofcourse,I couldn't believe it. We didn't even do the fast, it was just her and her families prayer that he would stop drinking!  

My companion and I sang in the ward conference we had this week. I Stand All Amazed.. I'm not a super duper fan of singing in church but i think we did alright. The message of that Hymn is truly incredible and is one of my favorites.

If i have realized anything this week it is this. When we "strive" to do our best both in Temporal and Spiritual things God is going to help us out. I've noticed it in myself but especially in the lives of the people i come in contact with. I know that if we are faithful and apply that faith to action everything is possible. 

I love love love love this work. Yeah i struggle, yeah I miss home, yeah i want air conditioning. But I don't ever want to leave here. Joy is found in serving our fellow man. Joy is found when you see that the people you love have been wrapped in the loving arms of our savior. Joy is found when you see the people you love say: "I'm Home" I testify that God is our father in Heaven and his son is our brother and savior. 
I love my God, I love my Savior, I love this gospel. 

Giant Hot Dog with sister Ganapin...

I made no bake cookies...

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