Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 15... Look where this Chick ended up!!!

Happy Easter and General Conference everyone! 
Happy Easter...
One of the best holidays in my opinion. Nothing beats Egg hunting and going to church on the couch! I'm Jealous of you all, i don't get to watch conference till next week ): Words cannot describe how excited i am to hear the talks though. 

We were informed in the middle of the week a big Typhoon was coming our way! If you could see that expression on my face when i heard that you would think i was crazy. I was glowing with joy! I absolutely love storms and I got all my treats ready so i could sit at the window of the apartment and watch the havoc occur. Sadly, We got a couple hard winds for 5 minutes and that was the end of it. I'm still in one piece! 

We had Zone Interviews this week and they were fantastic! I got to sit down with President Clark and Sister Clark individually. They truly are two fantastic people! Sitting with Sister Clark she asked that we bring our favorite Hymn and explain why it is our favorite Hymn. If you are really close with me you know that my favorite hymn is Green Hill Far Away. She asked why? I said well of course it is about our savior and Redeemer. I love that part of the song. But the real reason why it is my favorite is because I remember My Mother Becky Jo one day in sacrament explained to me something about this song, I wish so badly to remember her words but from since that day this song has had a profound effect on me and my spirit every time it is sung. 

I watched a dog get cooked. I didn't get a picture which i wish i would've because it was wild! We were at our lesson with Mary Fe a 12 year old girl who is just cute as cute can get and so smart. In the distance i noticed that a group of people were roasting something over a fire. I got up walked over without saying anything to anyone. Of course my goal in my mind is to convert these people to the gospel. So as i'm walking over I yell out "What are you cooking?"  they wave me over to look. yeah sure enough it is a dog getting roasted! MASARAP! 

It was Holy Week this week and it was probably the furthest thing i've ever seen from Holy in my life. People walking up and down the streets carrying crosses and Wipping themselves over and over again with their shirts off. It was very Satanic. It amazes me that Satan can even use the example of the Savior to twist the minds of men. 

Everything is great! i'm loving life! Language is still rough, Teaching is rough, Communicating almost impossible, but i know that i am improving! That is all i can ask for! I'm thankful for this glorious opportunity to be a missionary. I am Thankful for my savior I know that He Lives. 

I love you all!

We put in work!

Motivational Trike quote of the week...

Holy week slashes..

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