Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Week 28... We can truly be free!

Happy 4th of July!! late sorry i know but it's the best i can do! The Holiday that i normally really do not care at all for, I really cared for this go around! I celebrated like you wouldn't believe! i had American pins, American Bracelets, American Socks, an American Tie. I'm really surprised i didn't get robbed! I set an appointment with some members a couple days in advance and i let them know that we were celebrating my country's freedom! they went all out! when we got to their house they had on their board in their house "Happy Indepence Day Elder Naylor!" haha it was so awesome! She cooked all of my favorite food! we had cake! ahhh it was glorious!
I'm super thankful for the Calma family for celebrating with me one of the best 4th of julys ever! I also sang them our National Anthem! haha they loved it, i love it! I think i could do it at the SuperBowl... hahah that is if they life voices that crack like a 12 year old boy!

With the celebration I got to thinking about our country. The Land of the Free! It's true, we have quite the freedom in America. So free that Men can get married to men and Women can get married to Women. How great! (Sarcasm) But i am very thankful for the U.S.A and the beautiful country that it is!

When i got thinking about the freedoms of the states! i got thinking of the freedoms of the gospel. We as Latter day saints are the Freest of all people! I came across Mosiah 2: 22 and i love that verse of scripture i use it at least once a day! All we have to do is keep the commandments! So do it! or at least try and we will prosper! 

It's raining blessings here in Victoria! Fantastic people are just falling into our laps and hungering to be taught the restored gospel! It's also raining water I rarely come back to the apartment without being soaking wet! i love it! 

All is well! 
Celebrating Elder Mitchells 1 year mark and the 4th of July with Pizza!

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