Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Week 31..... Be Men....

I love the advice that Lehi gives his sons right before he is about to die in 2 nephi! "Arise from the dust my sons, and BE MEN. I read this and i realized that i am very much still a little boy! and little boy in thought and in action! When i read this i thought hey, maybe it's time to be a man. Within missionary work I find myself really scared sometimes, with the language, within a lot of it's aspects. Even with all the promises that God gives to us as misionaries i still find myself doubting every now and again. So yeah I think it's just time to face missionary work like a man! I really don't have much more to say about that anyway...

umm i love my new area! Lupao is a fantastic place! I can finally see mountains! they are beautiful! my companion might be one of the greatest men i have ever met in my life! one of the strongest spiritual men i have ever met! We had a crazy crazy storm last night that left us stranded in a waiting shed for about an hour and half! Every time the lightning would strike it felt like an earthquake! I love STORMS!!!!! The storm knockd out the power all night for us and we had no fans!! ah it was a very sweaty gross night of sleep but all is well!! 

The work is good! God is good! I love life!! I love you all! have a great week

P.S. Yeah i'm still weird
-Elder Naylor

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