Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 30... 1st transfer

Magandang Buhay!

Whoa.. What a week it has been. I survived my first transfer.. I think i can now survive anything that God throws at me. Never have my emotions been so stretched and so pushed in my entire life. Leaving was the hardest thing I have ever done. Please don't be offended, I love my family and all of you but leaving home was a cake walk compared to leaving my family in Victoria. 
I loved everyone there, I will forever and always have place in my heart for them. Probably the hardest goodbye was to the little girl that I have tried and tried to put in a package and send home but it just never worked out.
Little Katrina Ringor! that girl has me wrapped around her finger! I would do anything for her. When saying goodbye to her I had held myself together ok but then she started to cry and my heart just had a mini heart attack and cracked a little bit. I've never been so heart broken in my life, I told her to be a good girl, kissed her on the forehead and  we left. It's awkward when people say hey Joe in the first place, but when they say it and then they realize that your crying haha that's really awkard! I love that little girl with my heart and I'm so happy i had the opportunity to be a part of a small portion of her life. 
I am now in Lupau, Nueva Ecija! it is beautiful over here! We have mountains near by! the people are nice! my companion, oh geez my companion! he is absolutely awesome! Elder Ordejan! haha he is so addicted to pokemon! right before we go to bed he always brings it up and i have to really reach back into my childhood and try to remember the pokemon games i was addicted too! I love that guy! The ward is nice! So nice that they let me give a 20 minute talk yesterday! it was fantastic! 
We were able to have a three baptisms too! what a blessing! gosh i just love this work! I love life out here! and i'm
super thankful for the opportunity to be a missionary! I love all of you and I hope and pray all is well! take care

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