Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 32...Testimony Fight!

Hello family and friends! how is life!? Just so everyone knows! I am turning 20 a week from today! Send Gifts! haha kidding! but yeah gross right? i don't want to be 20! that sounds so old! anyways life is great! as usual! we baptized some amazing people this week! and had lots of awesome expriences! i love my new companion! with all my heart might mind and strength!
We attended an 8 year old girls baptism/birthday... ive never attended such a happening party in all my life! i think that they spent over 500 dollars on the party if not more! i hope that little girl feels like she is a very loved daughter of her father her and her father in heaven! They had a photo booth!
The best thing that happened this week though was Fast and Testimony meeting! There was a testimony fight! between mothers! it was probalby the best thing i have witnessed on my entire mission! one mom got up and chastised mothers for the disobeident children and boasting of herself just a little and then another mom got up and said we need to be aware of the things we say in our testimonies and that would shouldn't get up and sing and tell super long stories and that it should just be pure testimony and then right after her an old granny got up and started to sing a "Born again" (other religion) song and then when she finished singing she did the sign of the cross! it was like BOOM BOOM POW!! haha I only hope the next one is as exciting as this one! 
Life is good! The church is still true and forever will be! i love you all and hope and pray all is well! Take care

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