Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Week 35... Members are awesome!

Helllllllo!!! I have a little time to write but I just want to drop in and let y'all know all is well! Still here in Lupao! lovin it! Transfer announcements are this wednesday! i'm praying that me and my companion will be together for at least one more tranfer! love that guy so much!
Work is good here! members are awesome i think we get fed every day of the week except for monday! I'll fix that! so if you start to notice that i'm starting to get a little chubby you know why!
We have a lot of baptisms coming up, just work work work! got to love it! I've decided i will be a pretty good husband some day. I now know how to iron my shirt and my companions shirt (round of applause) cook some awesome ramen noodles and rice and plenty of other things!
Anyway! I love you all! The time has come that i must remove my bum from this chair and go and enjoy my P-day!

Have a fantastic week! keep on keeping on! P.S. if you can't find anything else to pray about, pray that Elder Ordejan and I will stay together for one more transfer! thank ya!

  Adrian's companion got a new camera this week so he emailed me this pic! Way too funny...

Little clip from Adrian's companions letter....

Hello Sister!
Well, Rain was all over the Philippines last week, until now it is still raining.
This Past Days I've been Praying and asking for a sign If I will get transferred or Not.
And The Signs so Far are not really Clear. But Yesterday, I think I received an answer. During the Sacrament Meeting I prayed and asked God for A Sign...
After saying that Prayer, The first thing I saw when I opened my Eyes was The EXIT sign at the top of the Door. I think that EXIT sign means Yes...
Some of the Members gave me letters and started saying Goodbye...
It makes me Sad!!! My Heart doesn't wanna leave Lupao yet.
I Love This Area so much! This Area changed me so much!
And I really Love My Companion, Last Friday, In our Companionship Inventory
We shared The Christlike Attributes that We have. The Attributes that both of us have is Charity and Service. We Love and Serve each other Every Day. And Maybe that is the reason why, We really get along since the beginning of our Time together. I still want to spend more time with this Missionary, I am Learning a lot from him. He Never Gives Up, He is always Positive, and Never gets Mad. I Love his Personality and Sense of Humor so much. My Conversion and Testimony keeps on Increasing.
But, No Matter What Happens, I will always put my Trust in The Lord.
He Knows what to do. And Everything happens for a Reason.
That's all for Today.

Philippines Angeles Mission

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