Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 36...... Good read Jacob Chapter 5

Hello!! I would first like to apologize! If i'm not able to reply to your emails I promise i want to! but the mission is getting pretty nazi about our time on the computers! and I'm doing my best to follow the rules! umm so again another short one.
Elder Ordejan and I are staying together for another transfer! the work is great in Lupoa! we are Baptizing and Rescuing! <--- our motto for our mission! I lvoe the guy and i'm super excited to be with him for another transfer! 
We had an aweomse baptism this week with no electricty! but it was electrifying with the spirit! hahah goodness i'm witty! I have an odd obsession with animals...
I love missionary work, and i love you all! I got a beautiful chapter of scripture for you if you have time this week. Jacob chapter 5! let me know your thoughts. Have a fantastic week! 

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