Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 37... Tacos and Baptisms!

These photos will give you a brief summary of the week! Love you all hope all is well! keep praying, reading scriputres, and goin to church. Elder Naylor

Yes, Elder Naylor and I Are doing Well! Oh, Yeah, It's My 9 Month Mark Yesterday. :)
One Of My Dreams after My Mission is to Go To US, and Live there. :)

Yeah, I Love Video Games, and Pokemon. I'm Really a Pokemon Addict! Rainy Season Lasts usually until February. It's Always Cool, and We don't have Fall here. hehe. We have Drought from March To June(Rare). Yes, I've seen Snow in Pictures and Movies only. But I also wish to see snow. 
Thanks for the Questions.
Last Week was another Awesome Week for us!!!
3 of our Solid and Faithful Investigators got baptized last Saturday!!!

Sister Divine C., Sister Sheila and Michelle S.
It was a Wonderful Baptism Service!!!
The Members came and showed their Love and Support for them. These 3 Amazing Sisters bore their Emotional and Powerful Testimonies.
I Love watching them Stand in front of us and bore their Testimonies.
Their Seminary and Institute Teachers was really Impressed in their Testimonies.
One of their Seminary Teachers Stated, "My Soul was delighted with their Testimonies''
Oh, How Sweet it is to hear. I can testify to what She said. They Changed a Lot!
They Love The Gospel! And They Stand For What they know is Right.
So Grateful that I'm One of their Teacher Of this Restored Gospel...
One of our Recent Convert (James C.) Baptized his Sister (Divine C.)
It's really really an Awesome Moment Seeing Brother James, use the Powers of Heaven to Help his Sister Receive The Gospel. Also, Sister Jaycee was one of the Speakers in the Baptism Program.
She got baptized Last Saturday, and She didn't hesitate to Speak and Share Her Knowledge about The Gospel.
Well, Yesterday was Fast and Testimony Sunday, I was really surprised when one of our Recent Convert (Leomark S.) stood up and Bore his Testimony in the Pulpit. He's Really Amazing!

Yesterday was my 9 Month Mark! Look How Fast Time is, It's Really Really Fast!!!
I can't measure how This Mission Changed me, from A Shy Recent Convert to an Official Representative of Jesus Christ. I Know That The Church Is True!
Me and My Companion are doing Really Well. He is really Good at encouraging me, I Love being with this Missionary, I admire and Love This Guy. He's Biggest Strength for me is His Powerful Testimony, and His Charity towards Everyone!
I think that's All for today,
Please Don't Forget to Pray & Read The Scriptures Everyday, Everyday, Everyday!
(Please Attend Church Service on Sundays too, It will help you a lot!)
Enjoy Your Joy!!!

Philippines Angeles Mission

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