Sunday, September 27, 2015

Week 39 - It doesn't get any better than riding a Caribaos and Eating dog meat!

Dear Family and Friend! 

I wish to give you all the same advice that Alma gives in Chapter 5: 57 " Be Ye Separate" That is our call being Members of the true church of God and his son Jesus Christ. To be different. Have you ever thought about how weird you are compared to other people of other faiths or no faith at all? People who give into the temptations of the world feel nothing but a temporary bliss of what alcohol, money, sex before marriage can offer. But they fall short of one thing every time. Enduring Happiness. have you ever thought of how weirdly happy you are? how many blessings that you receive day in and day out? We are separate. We are joyful.

As you can see my companion and I are FULL of joy!! hahah so much awesome stuff happened this week! Lots of firsts but before all that stuff i want to describe to you the man we called our investigator but who now is baptized and confirmed a member of this church as of September 19-20 2015.
HIs name, Mark Anthony Ocampo, 26 years old, was addicted to coffee, cigarettes, and alcohol. Earlier this week we were teaching him about temples and all the blessings that if offers. He lit up like a christmas tree about temples. When we talked about baptisms for the dead we explained that he can be baptized for his grandparents pretty much for anyone he knows. It got quiet.. he said "Elders can i ask a question?" "Siyempre!" (of course) we said "Can i be baptized for my mom?" Mark's mother passed away 7 years ago but when he said that... Elder Ordejan had to continue the lesson, Not many things bring me to tears in my mission but something about that just melted my heart. Mark will be performing his mother's sacred ordinance of baptism hopefully this december or whenver our ward has it's temple trip and i am more than excited for this man. 

Now, My companion and I gosh we did lots of fun stuff this week! on my 9th month mark we were walking back to town from an appointment that is a 45 minute walk to town and we came across a man driving his caribao and we simply asked if we could catch a ride!

You all may not know this but I LOVE CARIBAOS!
They are my best friends! so we taught the man lesson 1 we will teach him again sometime this week and then we kindly asked the man if we could ride the Caribao like a horse... YES WE DID!! and YES WE TOOK PICTURES!! AHHH everyone was laughing and pointing at us speaking a whole different language that elder ordejan and i don't understand!
Adrian's Journal entry...
Last night we attended a birthday party of our investigator's nephew. It's kind of weird we get invited to everybody's birthday parties for some reason. Great way to get free meals! and find people! but this party was different. We ate our food just the normal. Pancit, Sopas, cake, water. and when we thought we had ate everything they had to offer they asked "Gusto niyo bang aso?" my companion and i looked at each other with fright in our eyes! and said "opo" in an unsure manner. they asked us "Do you want dog?"

YES DOG!! like 4 legs and a tail type of dog! I ate it first! my companion is a chicken. it took me 20 minutes of trying to convince him that it tasted just like normal meat and that it actually was pretty good! so yup! i got dogs barkin inside my belly right now! and i feel accomplished! 
anyway that's enough for show and tell! i gotta go! i love you all! the picutre below with the spoon full of meat that is the dog we ate! masarap! i love you! take care!     Elder Naylor

Clip from Adrian's companions letter:

I think Last Week My Companion showed me The True Principle Of Charity.
Being Outward in Times Of Difficulties and Trials is One Of the Hardest attributes to apply. He's really Charitable in all things. In our Lessons, This is Weird, But I think Every Time He teaches I just can't stop looking at him, I think He's Glowing while Teaching. And I can Tell that That's Christ's Countenance in Him.
We're doing Great, and We're Enjoying Our Time Together.
In my Personal Studies, This Verse from Alma 53:20 enlightened me a lot about Being True... It says,
And they were all young men, and they were exceedingly valiant for courageand  also for strength and activity; but behold, this was not all they  were men who were true at all times in whatsoever thing thewere entrusted.
I learned that you should always be TRUE when you Express yourself to Every One. Because All my Life I've been living this Motto, 
And in my Opinion, Not Being True at all times is not being Who You Are.
There should be NO LIES, and NO FAKES. I am happy that Until now I am still living my Motto Of Being Who I am. And I am Happy about it!
That's all for today... Please Be Spiritually Minded!

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