Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 40... Sick

hey mom! as you can see i'm super late emailing sorry about that! but i am super sick! i've had nasty fever since saturday night!
 Nelson's haircut looks dope!! Hollis is SO BIG!!! what the heck!! I'm going to get off so i can go back to sleep! did you get my picutres? i hope so! blahh! i guess on the brighside of this whole sick thing i don't have to work! hahah but anyway mom! i love you! i wish i could tell you every detail of all the miracles that happened this week! but maybe next week! your boys love you! a lot! have a great week! momma!!! and i got no idea for christmas! it's ok if we just skip it this year haha!! love ya mom!!!

Got your Sweet gifts Last Monday Sister, THANK YOU SO MUCH! and Elder Naylor bought me an Ice Cream last Monday. :)

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