Friday, September 18, 2015

Week 38.... Christmas begins in September!

It's christmas here in the philippines! and it will be all the way until December 25th! Lights are already being strung and the Christmas spirit is everywhere because everyone wants to hear our awesome message about Jesus Christ! and immediately they except to get soaking wet in the baptismal font! YAY! 
All is well, lots of miracles, lots of work, lots of fun! I feel it is almost a crime to enjoy this work this much! Our mission is starting a study on the attribute of Charity and whoa! I've learned a lot! I've always thought of charity as just service but it is so much more! something i learned about it this week is that we need to forgive ourselves. Weird right? kind of off topic but the perfect example of this is Enos in the book of mormon when he is praying all day long for repentance and for the welfare of his soul and then the voice of the lord comes to him and says that he is forgiven and almost immediately he starts to conversate with the lord concerning his brethren. So i guess my little spiritual insight for this week, if you have something that you feel guilty about, repent, and forgive yourself. Then you will be filled with the pure love of christ and begin to look outward instead of inward! 
I love this work and i'm very thankful for the opportunity i have been given to serve. Thank you for your love that you have for me and the people you surround yourself with. 
again, Merry Christmas.

 Oh i don't know if you noticed in the picutres but me and my companion dyed our hair like two weeks ago.. my hair is black, i can fit in a little bit bettter now! but i look extremely white still! Mom your amazing! i love you! 

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