Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Week 22.. The Surprise News...

                                                               Sister Hobbs
I thought I needed to add this to Adrian's Blog because it has been such an emotional week finding out his best friend is going on a mission.  Since Adrian surprised us with his mission call we decided we needed to surprise him.  Savy made a cute video and she sent it over to the Philippines to our friend Christine that is in his ward.  After church she asked Adrian to come over to her house because she had something for him. This is Savy's video...
This is Adrian's response...
Savy watching Adrian getting her video ...

Oh mom..

I am in SHOCK!!! i haven't stopped shaking ever since i got the news! I still am just dumbfounded! But how sweet is that! I guess she actually does love me!!! When will she get her call!? gosh i am all sorts of freaked out and super excited to put a ring on that finger in two years! DOPE!! That surprise was more of a surprise than when i surprised you all with my mission call!!!!!

Hello everyone! i would like to apoloigize no time today to chat! i've been so focused on the crazy news i received yesterday about my best friend deciding to serve a mission! 
Oh I ate the duck egg thing! Balot!!
Lots of good things have happened this week and i will tell about them next week! I know that our God in Heaven is real and that he directs us in our everyday lives! 
I love you all have a fantastic week!
Service project...
My district..

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