Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Week 21... Changes....

 Letter from Adrian's companion that got transferred.

Hi! How are you doing? Just dropping by to tell you guys that it was really an awesome learning experience being with Elder Naylor. Best companion I've had. It felt like dark clouds have formed around us when we knew that there is an emergency transfer that very day. I miss him and his company. He did teach me a ton of things and made me a better person, friend, and missionary. And for someone who's only been about four months in the field, he has been doing great. I love the Spirit he carries with him and he's been a very genuine guy. He works diligently to overcome his weaknesses and loves serving people around him. I want to thank you for helping and molding him to become who he is right now. He loves you all so much and he prays and is very concerned with each and every one of you back there. He's really going to be a great leader here in the mission and when he gets back there, that's for sure. Keep in touch with him. Aaaaand Sister Savannah, wait for him. He's worth the wait and I won't be tired telling you that. Haha. Take care! Godspeed.

Elder Choresca
Family and Friends
I love you!

Words cannot describe the craziness of the past week! 
Mother's day is now my new favorite holiday! I love my mother she is definitely the best thing in my life! It was so good to see family and friends and is a definite push for me to keep on keeping on! 
I now have a new companion! Elder Choresca was made a Zone Leader and was emergency transfered to his new area! I miss that guy but he is going to do great things! I love my new companion! Elder Obligacion! awesome name right? He is an Obligacion! All he does is cook and cook and cook! and makes me fat.... haha I will blame my obesity on him! He is great! he is super nice and super hard working! my kinda guy! I feel like we are going to kick some butt together! 
Victoria is still Victoria! by that i mean it is perfect! it really is just like home for me! It's hard to be Preston Idaho but it is pretty stinkin close! I love the people! Nothing is better than walking down the street and seeing familiar faces! and new faces! 

I have no time to talk so i will be brief!
I had the opportunity today to go to a Minesterio. Up in the mountains and hang out with Jesus! It was the coolest thing i have done on my mission so far! it felt like i was on vacation in mexico! We had a personal study while we were there and it was a very spiritual experience!

A sister missionary died in our mission. I don't know her but still very sad. I thought that missionaries were invincible... I will now begin to be a lot more careful. 

Ahh so much has happened this week and i want to
express it all! I love you all!
Have a fantastic week! 
The church is still true!

                                  Oh P.S. I ripped my pantz again..... This morning

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