Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Week 20.... Mothers day gift...

  Truly one of the most emotional Mothers day for this mom!
 Skyping with the my missionary what an amazing 
experience.  Lots of family came to celebrate being on 
the computer with this boy!  He just glows!

Tearful good byes!!

I'm so happy!!!
I don't have anytime to share with you my experiences for this week! but it was good, trust in that! 
I got to skype home and see my wonderful family! i love them all! and I am incredibly thankful for that opportunity! 
I love my family and I especially love my beautiful moms! Becky Bearnson and Danielle Naylor! they are perfect! 

the pictures are yeah.. yeah haha i got on the roof of the house but once i got up it was lightning and thundering and i was incredibly scared to jump down because it was super high up!

Robe Photoshoot! oh yes bask in the glory! 

I love you all! happy mothers day!

 Adrian's companion got transferred after they called home for Mothers Day...

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