Sunday, March 8, 2015

Week 11 Discoveries....

Trike Selfie...
I came in contact with one of the biggest spiders i have ever seen in my life... it was the size of my face. 
That sums up the week..
Jokelang. Hello, hello, hello
This week was good as usual. We Walked alot, Talked alot, Rode alot, Taught alot, and learned alot. That is my mission in a nutshell, and you can't find anything better in any other nutshell. 
I love my mission and I love my God
We came across the cutest little 12 year old girl (go figure) They are always cute little girls! She has the brightest most straight smile i have seen here in the Philippines. She knows that she is a daughter of God. 
As i am reflecting on this weeks activities, prayer is what is weighing heavy on my mind. Prayer what is it? I think we too often forget who we are. We are literal Children of a God who loves us. Now if a Father loves his children, he wants them to be happy right? Our Father has given us the tool that is essential for us to receive his help for our happiness. 
As we were teaching Prayer last night to Sister Ganapin (Less Active) She told us about an experience that she had with prayer this week. 
Her family is extremely poor, the father is a drunk and is lazy. So sister does everything in her power to make sure that she can get food on the table for her 6 children. One day she prayed "Father please show me what i am to do" The next day she starts cooking deserts that she sells throughout the day. She sold what she had. When she was done she received a phone call from somebody that said "I want you to cook me this this and that and i will give you X amount of Pesos" then not too soon after that somebody showed up to her door and payed a debt to her that was from a long time ago. She was able to provide a meal for her and her family. It's one thing to ask our Father for the things we need, but it is another to work for that answer. 
We sang with her, did you think to pray. Do we? When life gets dark and dreary, do we humbly get down on our knees and ask for extra assistance? "ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you" I know that prayer is real, i know that you all know that prayer is real. Use this tool as often as possible and always keep a prayer in your heart. I know that Prayer really does "Change the night to day" and i am so thankful for this gift. 
I love my mission and I love my god.

I rode a bamboo bike yesterday.  I want to get one.  The person that makes them said I could buy a frame for 45,000 pesos.  Do you think we could figure out how to put on bars, wheels and all that jazz? It's so rachet maybe someday!

My mouth is full of food at Bishop's
b-day party...

Walking in all it's glory...

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