Sunday, March 1, 2015

Week 10 Testimony meeting...

That's a monkey...
Dear Family and Friends,
March here we come! Someone is pressing a Fast Forward button X3 because time is going so fast! When P-Day comes my companion and I always say "Really? are we sure it's Monday?" 
Things are going great in Victoria! Everyone we are teaching is progressing right a long. One family i would like to talk about it the Mallari Family. This is a whole family of girls. Well of course there is a father and one brother but there are 6 Girls in the family. The father and the son are usually drunk so they don't participate in the lessons but the 6 girls are fantastic! 
This family have been eternal investigators even from beyond my time My companion Elder Choresca has said on multiple occasions that he has wanted to drop them. After the first weeks of me being here and teaching them I noticed a change in them. Not just because they were keeping commitments but because they were happy! When i testify in Tagalog i always say this. Lahat Tayo are literal Mga Anak ng Diyos, Nais po ang diyos para sa atin is to be sobrang masaya sa buhay na it at sa buhay walang hangang. (We are all literal children of God. He wants us to be happy in this life and the next.) 
Then i go on to say that i know that this happiness is obtained through the gospel of jesus christ and yada yada but i never really realized the truthfullness of my own testimony until i saw it occur within this family. 
Unfortunately this family didn't come to church this Sunday but something awesome happened! We had planned to teach this family after church and right when we were about to leave the church to go to their house we were talking to some older sisters to see if they wanted to come with us to the lesson. It started out with just two that were going to come but then all of the sudden we had 5 sisters walking with us to the Mallari home. Sister Mallari had no idea what to think when we all showed up at her front door. We arranged the living room so we could all fit. I cleared my throat and said, "Since you were not able to attend Testimony meeting, we brought Testimony meeting to you!" The Testimonies of the sisters were wonderful, my companion and i bore ours as well. there were lots of tears.
 Then the Mallari family bore their testimonies. Never have testimonies penetrated my heart so deeply. Even though i couldn't understand a word they said but i could feel it! When all was said a done and everyone wiped their eyes I felt impressed to extend to the mother the invitation to be baptized "sister, Susundin po mo ang halimbawa ni jesucristo sapamamagitang ng papabinyag sa isang taong na atoridad ng priesthood, ng diyos? on April 12 with tears coming down her face she said yes! 
God is our father in heaven, I know that he loves and knows each and everyone of us. He wants us to be happy in this life and the next. He has provided the way and that way is the gospel of our brother and savior Jesus Christ.
With all of my love
This is what we cook...

I draw stick figures in everyone of my journal
entries, which is everyday.  I think it will be sweet
to look back on one day...
Eddie Valdez birthday party...
Rice field emergency....

Hi sister Bearnson! This is Elder Choresca, Elder Naylor's trainer and current companion here in the Philippines Angeles Mission. How are you? I would like to say thank you for the present! That was unexpected. We wore them during Valentine's Day. They're awesome...and your son is awesome! He's a cool guy and I can see that he loves being here. It's an honor to train him and it has been a wonderful learning experience for both of us.

He really misses and loves all of you guys back there. Hopefully, I'd be able to meet you all when I get the chance to come to America one day. Haha.

Keep in touch with Elder Naylor. All of us missionaries need that boost from home. Take care!

Elder Choresca

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