Tuesday, March 24, 2015

13 weeks ( 3 month mark)... Missionaries hard at work....

Howdy Partners, I sure hope all of you woke up and had Green Milk on Monday the 17th because i did! Happy Late St. Patrick's Day! The best day of the year in my opinion. Also I have some bad news... I hit my 3 month Mark this week. As in that I'm not ok with only having 21 more months left here on my mission. I need more time! 
Lots of amazing things happened this week. Getting up on time every morning is a miracle in itself i swear i am always so tired! But all that goes away after a little workout and an egg sandwich.
I want to share an experience that i had this week that was just amazing. We had companion exchanges with the Zone Leaders so that they could come an interview a candidate we have for baptism for this week. Hannah Mallari is her name and she is so ready! So i was paired up with Elder Christensen, he's a great guy. I had to lead the area! ahhh it was so nerve wrecking but of course i shredded! I had to lead all the lessons pretty much i was in charge. I promise i'm not boasting, i just did better than i expected, just because of this one experience. While Hannah was being interviewed I sat with the Mother of Hannah and was conversing with her trying to being teaching her while we were waiting. The husband of her is a drunkard and never participates in any of the lessons but Oddly enough he came into the home and sat right across from me, Sober, and said "Teach Me" Yup I peed my pantz... Never have i been so scared but never have i done anything more by the spirit in my entire life. The first lesson we usually teach in "The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ" I can't teach that lesson in English let alone Tagalog! I took the leap of faith and we went right into the lesson. Never have i ever used more tagalog and taugh so clearly in all my 19 years of life. It was absolutely amazing i couldn't believe the actuality of what was actually going on. I was speaking this insane language! i was teaching this beautiful Gospel! And brother Mallari accepted the invitation to be baptized on April 25. Doing that with just me and my companion (the holy ghost) was one of the most powerful moments of my mission so far. Never will i forget that moment.

We had a BAPTISM this week! It was beautiful. Jericho Ramirez Gasilan and Precious Kylah Valdez. They are just awesome. Jericho 16 and Kylah 12. I'm so happy i could be a part of their "entering into the gate which leads
to the straight and narrow path" My companion baptized Kylah and I baptized Jericho haha I've always been so afraid of messing up and having to redo the baptism. And of course my fear comes true except I did everything right just Jericho's feet came flying out of the water clear above his head haha! Truly was an amazing experience. Us, and the ward missionaries sang "Come unto Christ" I so don't dig public singing but it turned out ok. It was impromptu we hadn't practiced or anything but we managed! 

My Beautiful Mother sent me Two CTR rights for Jordan and Katrina the two kids we baptized in February. I gave Katrina's to her at church on Sunday and holy cow. When she opened up that little bag and found that ring she Lit up like fireworks on the 4th of July. Never have i seen a kid with that big of a smile on their face. I told her that it obviously means choose the right but in Tagalog "Piliin Ang Tama" I told her to wear it every day so that she always remembers to choose the right. So far she has! I love that little girl so so much! I just want to put her in a box and send her home! 

I love my mission... yup i said that last week, and i will probably say it next week. Nothing better than being here on the Lords errand. God is our Loving Father in Heaven and he want's all of his children to experience true Joy. And I know more now than ever, that joy is found by abiding by the precepts found in this Gospel.
I love my mission and I love my God

    video at baptism...
hallo hallo

Eating boiled banana...

Trying turon!  The girl that sent me this picture
said Adrian is a real cowboy he is willing to try
any food they offer him ...

Church on Sunday...

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