Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Week 50.. Year mark in 3 days...

December 14, 2015     Goodness your boy misses you!! haha Mom i've been a bad son, not sending you very good emails for the past ever. I apologize.

Mom all the picutures are awesome! The kids are getting so big!! Hey have you gotten my letter i sent you yet? i sent it to Blair's address... i sent it like more than a month ago i was hoping it was going to get to you before your birthday... dang. Your boy sure love you! and is super Jealous that he can't be there helping you wrap presents! Hey tell nelson i sent him a voice recording like 3 weeks ago tell him to check his email. how is he doing by the way? 
All is well on my end. We are teaching and preaching just what we are supposed to do. I actually love being a district leader. My district kicks butt! We always have like the most work accomplished every week! am i prideful? yeah. I love my companion.  I don't know what the deal is. I've talked with some of the people i came into the mission with like the americans. and they always talk about how they don't like their companions and I'm just like... huh?? I have loved everyone of my companions. hopefully i don't get a bad one next transfer. speaking of transfers i will most likely be transfered on the 31st... ): new year new area.. i'm actually thinking about asking if i could stay in my area for a little longer.. who knows if it will work but it's worth a try! 
Mom, last week I had the opportunity to be apart of a baby blessing... speaking of baby blessings (lemonade) As we blessed her I couldn't help but shed a tear or two. as i held this little girl in my arms. I don't even know how to describe the feeling but i just thought about the day when one day i will have a little daughter and aHH! i can't wait! (mark my words) haha 
going to hit one year this week.. whatever... haha how crazy is that? your boy is coming home soon!! we better be ready to PARTY!! haha mom i gotta roll! your boys loves you! so so so so so much! 

love ya mam!! have a great week! 
love your boy 
This is the story I put in 
Adrian's Christmas package... Size Matters

Size does matter.  Who came up with the saying one-size fits all.  As I was thinking about that saying I’m trying to think of things that one size does fit  – Hats? Nope, gloves? Nope, glasses? Nope, stretchy pants? No way, of all the things you put on yourself the only thing I think that doesn’t need a size might be a scarf.

It’s Christmas time in the city and well for that matter everywhere.  And people are everywhere wearing stretchy pants, hats, gloves and glasses.  And I’m guessing they aren’t just one size.

Well on with the story.  I wasn’t wearing stretchy pants nor a hat or gloves or for that matter glasses.  But I was out Christmas shopping for my missionary!  I ran into a store looking for some pants (but not stretchy pants), an actual sized pant.  The clerk knew the size of my missionary because he had shopped there before his mission.  So I bought a grey pair of pants just like other pants he already owned. The clerk had grabbed the pants off the rack and said this is the size he needs. So I took his word for it and purchased them.  On the way out of the store I glanced at tie I thought might match the pants.  I decided to buy it also, so I went back to the register.  The clerk looked at me and said I just have a funny feeling I need to check the size of your pants that you just purchased.  So he opened the bag and looked at the size of the pants.  And sure enough he had grabbed the wrong size.  Thanks to the promptings of Holy Ghost whispering in the clerk’s ear check the size.  I was able to get the right size of pants to ship over seas
 to my missionary. Size does matter…

Happy Holidays! Love you mom…

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